POND'S New Age Miracle works within your skin for 24 hours

October 16, 2017

The Pond’s Institute has discovered that the combined impact of the increasingly harsh environment with a modern, non-stop lifestyle are weakening and ageing skin at a faster rate than ever before. Hence, The Pond’s Institute unveils NEW Pond’s Age Miracle, with Retinol-C Complex that works for 24-hours to help arm today’s modern women as they continue to embrace their non-stop lifestyle.
Created with Retinol-C Complex, the breakthrough retinoid technology, NEW Pond’s Age Miracle aims to set a new gold standard in the world of anti-ageing technologies. This revolutionary new technology provides two times more skin renewal power and releases powerful anti-ageing actives continuously throughout the day for rapid wrinkle repair. Not only is this POND’S first non-stop antiageing solution that works within your skin for 24 hours but POND'S found in a recent clinical trial that our new Retinol-C Complex technology has twice the wrinkle reduction power of Retinoid which is used by leading Anti-Ageing players!
“Pond’s believes that ageing is personal. A woman’s lifestyle choices – stress, sun exposure, sleep, diet, and where she lives have an impact on the way she ages,” said Kaka Azraff, singer & actress.  “Women today are driven and determined to pursue their goals and passions while balancing their various roles and priorities,” commented Kaka.
New Pond’s Age Miracle penetrates the deepest layer of the epidermis to continuously release anti-ageing active ingredients for 24-hours, non-stop. It has been clinically proven to reduce skin ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines within the first week of usage. By strengthening skin from the inside, new Pond’s Age Miracle builds the foundation for the appearance of smooth, firm skin with youthful radiance on the outside. 
Pond’s new proprietary Retinol-C Complex provides comparable anti-ageing efficacy of Retinol while being much milder to skin, making it the perfect balance between efficacy and mildness. This anti-ageing solution gives women dermatological standard efficacy, for non-stop anti-ageing power. 

To learn more about new Pond’s Age Miracle, visit http://www.facebook.com/pondsmalaysia

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