Betadine Daily Feminine Wash Turns Pink in October

October 14, 2017

For many of us, not just in Malaysia but around the world, breast cancer is a taboo subject that we prefer not to address or talk about openly. In Malaysia, about one out of five females has been reported with breast cancer and it is the most common cancer from 2007-20111. However, in this day and age, positive changes are making their presence felt in our community. Since the introduction of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the topic of cancer is something that we have learnt not to shy away from.

This year, Betadine® Feminine Wash is supporting the National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA) to #breakthesilence and help more Malaysian women become more aware of cancer prevention. One of the ways to prevent the onset of cancer is to look after your health, as early prevention saves lives. Every single effort, no matter how small, can make a huge difference.
For every two bottles of Betadine Daily Feminine Wash 100ml foam sold in Watsons, RM1 will be donated.

The vagina is home to healthy bacteria known as Lactobacillus. These beneficial organisms are essential for the protection of our intimate area’s micro-environment. Under healthy conditions, this good bacteria in the intimate area environment can help to maintain an optimal pH balance, while preventing unfriendly organisms from thriving. 

In order for the beneficial microorganism to have a healthy population level, prebiotics or good germs play an important role. Most people know that prebiotics are good for the digestive system, but in fact, they can also be beneficial to other parts of our bodies, such as the intimate area. 
This is especially important for women’s personal hygiene, as prebiotics help to populate these beneficial organisms in the intimate area micro-environment, thus could help in protecting against feminine discomfort due to pH imbalance. With prebiotics, normal flora of vaginal micro-environment can be restored to help maintaining vaginal health. 

Ideally, the female intimate area should have a pH level of 3.8 – 4.2. This means that at pH 9 – 10, most soaps and body cleansers available in the market can disrupt pH balance of the intimate area, which can result in infections caused by thriving unfriendly organisms. On the other hand, while water is safe for cleansing the intimate area, it is not always adequate. 
For over 50 years, consumers have trusted the Betadine® brand, a household name that offers innovative antiseptic products and protection against infection. Designed exclusively for feminine hygiene needs, Betadine® Tri-Care™ Daily Feminine Wash Foam combines the long-running heritage of the Betadine® brand with the benefits of prebiotics to provide everyday protection and the maintenance of the pH balance of your intimate area. 
Formulated without any harsh chemicals, Betadine® Tri-Care™ Daily Feminine Wash Foam contains natural ingredients such as: 
Immortelle – a natural anti-oxidant that helps to improve skin’s natural moisture levels
Deoplex – a natural extract that provides effective odour neutralization
Syricalm – a natural active ingredient that soothes skin, reduces redness and alleviates irritation.

Available in a convenient and luxurious foam format, Betadine® Tri-Care™ Daily Feminine Wash Foam is soap-, paraben- and colourant-free, hypoallergenic and dermatologically-tested. The gentle formulation also makes it perfect for daily use. 

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