Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage : Skin Whitening, Eyesight Protection and Weight Loss all in 1

April 25, 2017

Modern busy lifestyles are often at odds with the healthy aspirations who want to achieve wellness through good nutrition and exercise. Life keeps getting busier day by day, we don't have so much time to sit down for a proper meal, and fitting a walk into a busy life can be challenging too. In this fast-paced world, when people require little to no effort to prepare and going on weight loss plan, choosing a healthy meal replacement is such a perfectly acceptable substitution which are chock full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy nutrients. 
Have you ever heard of a nutritious health drink that is combine Skin Whitening, Eyesight Protection and Weight Loss replacement meal all together in a tin? Don't be surprise, i am going to introduce a superb beverage to you.
Mont Dios's Secret Beauty - A brand new Crystal White Beverage formulated in Dubai.
This 100% natural health drink contains high Omega 3 and also Prebiotics FOS which is Inulin that promotes good intestinal digestion for effective absorption of nutrients giving consumers nutrition in every glass. 
This health drink has been awarded the Super Health Brand Asia Success Award for the Best Brown Rice Products in the Health Food Sector.
Sounds so superb right? Maybe you have doubts about their food safety qualification and quality standard? No worries, the Crystal White Beverage meets the national food safety and quality standard with certifications from HACCP, ISO and MESTI consumers will be rest assured when consuming Mont Dios’s Beauty Secret Crystal White Beverage without any qualms or worries.
It is Halal certified and can be consumed by vegetarians as it made from 100% natural ingredients with zero preservatives
Mont Dios’s Beauty Secret Crystal White Beverage
Price : RM188
This specially formulated nutritious health drink consists of over 13 nutritional ingredients:
barley, flaxseed, black wild rice, millet, quinoa, mountain red rice, sorghum, buckwheat, oat groats, brown rice, soy powder, chia seeds and natural source of lutein from fruits and vegetables (which is perfect as a high fibre meal replacement).
The best thing is it is suitable for consumption by all ages!
   | Benefits |  
- skin whitening
- eye protection
- weight loss
- antioxidants
- strong bones
- boost energy & metabolism
- muscle building
- nutrients replenishment as well as slower sugar absorption, so it helps treat diabetes and prevents breast & cervical cancer.
It is easy to prepare with just 3 simple steps:
Step 1 : Add in 1 scoop Crystal White Beverage into your cup.
Step 2 : Pour in 100ml of room temperature water and stir well. 
Step 3 : Top up 150ml of hot water or cold water (optional) and stir well again.
Jeng Jeng Jeng~~~ It is ready to be serve. Yes, i have to mentioned once again that you can make this beauty drink either to cold drink or hot drink. If you are planning to bring it on-the-go, then i will suggest to choose cold water. 
* Please take note : For the best result, it should be consumed daily, morning and before bed.
   | #Bowie Verdict |   
This health drink with a thick, grain-like, malted barley taste. It is delicious and i love its fragrant soy bean, smell so good! I am pretty sure health conscious people liked the taste.
I tried this beverage when i was hungry, it is really help with satiety to keep me satisfied throughout the day. I choose to drink it in the morning before i hitting the gym, it is a great way to make sure i am fueled and full. It is an ideal daily nutritious beverage with a great taste and exclusive fragrance. What is the best result i wish to get from Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage? For me, weight loss is definitely not in my wish list, but i want to build and film my muscle. I am actually eyeing on its "skin whitening" and "eye protection" these 2 benefits. As a baker and blogger, my eyes get tired everyday because i have to 100% concentrated and focus on my artwork when i am work as baker during day time, stare for long periods at my laptop after my baker work as i need to rush my blogpost. I feel a heaviness in my eyes, and I can' t focus and think as clearly. So i want better clarity and clearer eyesight so badly!
In today’s day and age, beauty is important as it is the first impression another person sees. Who doesn't dreams of having fair skin? I hope Mont Dios’s Beauty Secret Crystal White Beverage can help me lighten my complexion and achieve fairer skin. This might take longer time for visible result, probably i will update the result again in a month time, ok?
I put a lot of effort in making this video, hope you all will like it. =)
For more information on Mont Dios’s Beauty Secret Crystal White Beverage, please visit

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