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April 14, 2017

I am not addicted to dye my hair frequently, usually will go for colouring once within 4-5 months depends on how quickly my hair color will fade. But to be honest, my hair was damaged since the last time bleached. Yeah~ i have to admit that i am SUPER LAZY girl, i only want to shampooing my hair but not going to apply conditioner or hair mask after that, even though there are too many bottle kind of things store in my bathroom, LOL! I dyed my hair during CNY and because i didn't take good care of my hair, my damaged hair loses its shine and smoothness as well as becomes dry and frizzy, i can't even curl my bottom hair well with flat iron! I was anxious, tried a lot of good treatments within this bad period but no visible result shown. *sob sob* 

Finally, thanks God for listening to my prayer, I have the Olaplex and K-Gloss to rescue my hair! Early of April, i was travelling to Malacca with Nekderx team to seek a solution for my damaged frizzy hair.
Meglio located at Plaza Mahkota Melaka, is a four-storey building with luxury interior design and lifts designed for Meglio facilitate accessibility and mobility. It is also the most luxurious salon in Malacca.
Helmed by Managing Director Benn Quek, this salon win of the Kérastase Paris Mystery Client Audit Best Performing Salon 2010. 
His team dedicated to provide luxury, artistry and unwavering service to their loyal customers. Their range of services include, image design, perming, colouring, treatments and rituals. Enjoy the most luxurious services here such as the electric shampoo basin chair, massage chairs etc. 
The products.
Viege Oil (vegetable supplement for scalp & hair) is so good! It give the scalp and hair the care ingredients and makes my hair become smooth and shinny instantly. I am now so addicted to use it!
They served me a cup of La Biosthetique tea.

K-Gloss is high-end treatment, price range is about from RM600-2000 depends on hair length, so it is hardly to find a salon provide this treatment in town, Meglio is one of them which launch the exclusive K-Gloss treatment. 
When the hair is extremely weathered and chemically treated, splitting occur when the cuticle is damaged and weakened. Benn suggested to do Olaplex first and then end with K-Gloss  Let's see how amazing result of these treatments! 
Olaplex did a huge hit in America and UK salons by the magic of transforming the texture of coloured hair. 
  | What's So Amazing? |  
- It works by finding those broken bonds and cross-linking them back together.
- Restore and maintains the integrity of the hair.
- It is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and never tested on animals. 
- Especially beneficial for chemically coloured hair.
Do you know if you see visible result on your damaged hair, its meaning that it really works. I notice a huge difference after applied Olaplex, it is amazingly works from the inside out to strengthen, condition and literally reconnect the hair strand structure where broken. Especially best to restore the health of all damaged hair types given that hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services!
Pampering my hands with ion steamer while doing treatment. Aww~ so 'tai tai' feel~~ 
K-Gloss, this product is play the most important role to heal my hair from almost dying. I told you, it was really magical!!!!! 
  | What is K-Gloss? |  
K-Gloss is the number ONE Keratin bond transformation system, a breakthrough smoothing treatment that delivers the building blocks of beautiful to your hair. By harnessing the rebuilding power of keratin and collagen infused to rebuild hair fiber, K-Gloss gives longevity to natural, color treated, or chemically processed hair. It works on all hair types.
  | What's So MAGICAL? |    
- Eliminate frizz by 90%.

- 3x increases shine and moisture. 

- Lasts up to 3 months.
This treatment took about 45 minutes with 6 simple steps : 
Wash - Blow dry - Apply K-Gloss - Blow dry - Flat iron - Style
My stylist apply the K-Gloss to my strands. 
 Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then blow dry again. 
 Flat iron is a must-go process to make sure K-Gloss is deliver the nutrients deeper into the hair fiber. Lastly, completed it with styling. My hair is straightened out to a sleek and polished finish, hard like straw. I was told that i can't wash my hair for 3 days to ensures the lock of Keratin for the best result. I have an oily scalp, i've suffering the greasy feeling from my scalp and hard texture of my hair in these 3 days. 
 But after 3 days, I was so lucky that i finally found a solution to 90% save my hair from dying!!! K-GLOSS has been the best treatment to me!!! I swear i'm not cheating, Olaplex and K-Gloss is the best combination treatment to heal super damaged hair. 
My hair is so smooth and soft now, and of course featured with my long lost glossy shine! Now, I can curl my bottom hair easier and cuts my blow dry time in half. 
From my "AFTER" visual, you can see a glossy sheen is very obvious than "BEFORE" visual. 
 I'm Obsessed.
Thanks to Nekderx and Meglio once again, i am blessed with your services and make my hair healthy in a blink of an eye.
I chopped off my hair few times as my hair fragile with breakages that it couldn't absorb anymore nutrient from treatment. 
"Bear in mind, you really can't undo damage to hair. " 
From that, I always remind myself that give my hair some intensive treatment to prevent your hair breakage tragedy happen. 
Bookings for services at : 

G-1, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, Jln PM 2, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka.
Tel : +606-286 1119

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