Global Milbon Creative Style Hair Styling Products Launch

April 22, 2017

I am a loyal user of MILBON hair care line for few years, unlike to beauty products, shampoo is one that can be experimented with, since it is a low-cost product that involves little purchase risk. So when i can support a hair care brand for few years without changed any brands in the middle, that's mean i really satisfied with their result. 
Milbon is the largest specialised salon product company in Japan. Recently has launched the first hair care products "Milbon" and hair styling series "CREATIVE STYLE" in Malaysia, to creating all-round 360° beautiful hair for customers. 
Damaged hair is one of the biggest hair concerns for women, i am one of the big victim too! LOL! For the first time in world history, Milbon succeeded in analysing hair from all 360° using CT scan technology, at Japan's synchrotron radiation facility which known as Spring-8 revealed astounding, never before seen realities about damaged hair. 
Milbon is proudly introducing the first hair care line with new line-up equipped of new technology "SSVR(Stick-Shaped Voids Rescue) Silk" to repair a common damage phenomenon called Stick-shaped Voids (SSVs). 
FYI, SSVs is the hollow tubular gaps occur in individual strands of damaged hair, causing a loss of shine, breakage and split ends. 
SSVR Silk is a hybrid component with enhanced functionality by the silk that is included in the silk thread with low molecular weight, acquired from PPT which is converted into oil. 
Thanks to this discovery, it helps to expands Milbon's possibilities for helping all hair types around the world to become healthy and beautiful again.
The All-New MILBON signature line-up
Smooth - for easy tangled hair and rough hair texture
Moisture - for frizziness hair
Repair - for chemical damages and lack of elasticity hair. 
6 different type of styling products with optimal formulations that will suit your styling needs. MILBON "CREATIVE STYLE" Hair styling series : 
Molding, Wet shine, Wave, Texture, Volume and Finish.
Besides of professional salon care series, they also have homecare kit to ensure customer to enjoy the ultimate smoothing care in-salon treatment and also continue their salon results while at home. It’s all about repairing hair from the inside out to create 360° beautiful hair from any angle, that’s Milbon's approach and also are all women's desire! 
I was amazed with the styling demonstration of their hair-stylist. 
With my blogger friends. 
 Thanks to my lovely PR for the invitation. I can’t wait to try out their new products to show off my natural-looking beauty hair! ^^ 
For more information on MILBON Global Hair Care Line, visit

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