Jonlivia™ Slimming Shirt Shaper

April 7, 2017

Hi sweeties! Recently I've taken the first step on my way to a new and improved body and mind, yea~ I just start my exercise routine for a curvy body and de-stress my mind so i can get rib of insomnia. Exercise is the best way to lose weight but if you are looking TWO SIZES SMALLER in a matter of SECONDS to fit in your dress nicely, this time I am going to present you a excellent fashion tips I managed to combines beauty, fashion and health with a piece of shapewear.
【Jonlivia™ Slimming Shirt Shaper】
You may have heard of waist training involves wearing a corset or shapewear in order to reshape your waist, but you might feel uncomfortable/ hard to breath/ unfashionable while wearing shapewear. Jonlivia™ Slimming Shirt Shaper is designed to scale down your midsection while also contouring it, so you will look like you have an instantly slimmer figure,  Jonlivia™ Slimming Shirt Shaper also helps you to sculpt and tone your abdomen muscles at the same time! 
That is the main point i am eyeing on, i am slim enough with my 23 inches waist but what i want is to  tighten my abdomen muscles, for the health benefits of losing belly fat and the aesthetic pleasure of having a flat stomach. As I usually spend more than 4 hours sitting in the kitchen for my baking work everyday, I also need something to support my back and avoid back pains. Jonlivia™ Slimming Shirt Shaper can be back support to solve problem such as poor posture, scoliosis, general back pains or being seated at a desk all day.
  | Benefits |  
✔ Slim, shape and also give you the feeling of improved posture.
✔ Trim inches off your waist, sculpt, firm and tone your abdomen muscles all at the same time!
2 colors and 4 sizes available.
No worries, unlike other shapewear, Jonlivia™ Slimming Shirt Shaper is very easy to put on and take off. Featured with the Hi-waist design to gives you sleek and sexy look from every angle and the silicon elastic waistband helps prevent roll down. 
 Please wear it 2 times a day for 1-2 hours each for the best result. 
Personally, I like this Slimming Shirt Shaper made of stretchable and breathable material, It's just the right amount of clingy without being too tight, fits comfortably and nicely on my body as if tailored it.
It can be wear underneath any type of clothing, but might be a little hot if your cloth material is thick and stay at outdoor, but it is not a problem to wearing it in the air-conditioned room. 
Or you can wear like this. =)
Want your stomach look slimmer and smoother than ever? 
Jonlivia™ Slimming Shirt Shaper can instantly shapes the body while giving you the much desired slimming effect without bulges, rolls or hip-fat!
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  1. wow nice, it fit you so well. I wonder how it looks like on me. lol

  2. Shapewear like this is certainly beneficial to boost curves and this one suits you very well :) Looking good dear.

  3. looks like an amazing product! will check it out! thanks dear!

  4. I've been searching for shape wear actually, and haven't found one that I'm comfortable wearing for a few hours. I should give Jonlivia a try. Thanks for your review.

  5. I totally need this to hide my tummy flabs like badly!

  6. I have tried this too. Loving it so much. Owhhhh girl! you have awesome body figure. Envy you!

  7. Wah nose bleed, really can see the shape after you wear the shaper.

  8. I want to have the slimming shirt too. Looks nice on you.

  9. Looks promising and gives you that flattering fit :) you can also wear it outdoor by adding jacket :)

  10. Wow! I love it :D can nampak kurus. Hehehe. How bout the price?

  11. I'd love to try this slimming shirt shaper... it looks nice... and I need one...hahah

  12. Wow look so nice! I think I should get one *.*

  13. You made this look so stylish and chic and I want that slim and contoured body just like


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