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March 22, 2017

I have always had migraines and insomnia, and i always suffering from intestinal pain (kind of stomach cramps) if i can't managed to get out from extreme stress and sadness. The pain is unbearable, it is only can calm down when my sadness or stress is relief. Until I was introduce to Lajeune e Lounge to try out their Energy Field Therapythe easy, fast and natural energy way of healing, recovering and health maintaining. It is revolutionary High Tech Energy Healthcare provider dedicated to offer a safer and sustainable healthcare alternative using Energy Field Therapy. 

Located at Jaya One Petaling Jaya, Lajeune e Lounge aims to relate the energy-recharging concept to people’s everyday lives.
The ambience is cozy feeling like home, designed for everybody who is looking for a place to re-energize, relax, hangout, and regain health.
Do you know what is Pulsating electrostatic field therapy (PESF) or Energy Field Therapy? 

Honestly this is my first time to heard about this, i try to Google about it before i go to experience this, but the explanation is too complicated with lots of complex science words that convey simple ideas. 

No worries, i will explain it in simple terms. =) 
「Pulsating electrostatic field therapy (PESF) or Energy Field Therapy is a modern scientifically proven therapeutic apparatus that is applied for human’s holistic treatment as an adjuvant means to advanced medication. 
In other words, it is providing non invasive surgical and therapeutic pain relief treatment with modern acupressure method which proven to be very efficient and natural for the prevention and treatment of all types of adult diseases. 」
  How Does It Works?  
This is Energy Field Health Instrument to generate a negative pulsating electrostatic field, with extremely low and safe current levels. 
 The ion mat made from a conductive plastic insert lined by non-conductive PVC and fabric sheets, the electrostatic field is confined to the ion mat surface, it is not harmful for either the central nervous system or body.
You just need to sit on the Energy Field Therapy mat and foot device which is connected to the Energy Field Health Instrument, chill and relax for an hour. 
During the treatment, you can do any activity such as reading, listening to music or even sleeping.
WHAT? Just sit down and relax then can relief painless?!! May be you feel it is unbelievable but there are a lot of positive effects have been reported and proven by several studies.
Recommended to use the Energy Field Therapy from 30 minutes to one hour in a day. 
Price range from RM30 - RM50 per session (depends on what kind of service you have)
Lajeune e Lounge provides unique Energy Field Therapy specially designed to :-
Diabetes, Gout, Stroke, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Allergy, Arthritis, Heart Problems, Anemia, Muscle Cramp, Constipation, Migraine, Asthma, Weak Body, Pimples & Scar, Hair Loss, Low Vision, Obesity, Tendon Pain, Spinal Disease, Insomnia, Stress, Stomach Problems, Kidney Failure, Sinus, Bronchitis & Pneumonia, Knee Problems and Period Pain.
  | Benefits |   
- Pain Relief

- Body stress reduction 

- Anti Aging (provides energy to your deepest 7th layer of skin to re-energize your skin)
- Improve blood circulation
- Stimulate nervous systems 

- Fracture healing
With a number of 20 existing Express Stations in Terengganu and growing, Lajeune aims to expand up to 300 outlets by 2019 and become the biggest lifestyle trendsetter as the Millennial Trend Retail Chain for the Malaysian healthcare industry. 
Lajeune is managed and owned by Fantasia Five Sdn. Bhd. as well as a certified partner for Mega Business Hub. Lajeune also provides entrepreneurial opportunities through franchising and licensing platforms by promoting its simplistic and luxurious lifestyle concept with lowest, modest capital requirements. Currently Lajeune operates eLounge franchises at Kepong, Sandakan, Jaya One, Shah Alam, Seri Kembangan and Setapak area within Klang Valley.
Lajeune eLounge is a one-stop high tech healthcare centre to provides the solution for common health problems with PESF, a painless and non-invasive treatment and does not require taking drugs. Please don't overlook impact of stress and pain, you might be missing a surprisingly simple solution. 

Do drop by Lajeune eLounge to experience it =)
 For more information and on-going promotion updates, please visit
Lajeune E Lounge 
No 57-P2, Lot B Block D,
Jaya One,
72A Jalan Universiti, 
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : +6011- 5001 5688
Operating Hours : Mon-Fri 10am -10pm | Saturday  7am - 4pm

CLOSED on Sunday
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