[ARWIN/BIOCHEM] Rose Rejuvenate Serum

March 1, 2017

As a beauty blogger, I'm constantly trying out new products and studying all about the new skincare trends. Instead of piling on makeup to try cover your skin problem, i think we should invest time and effort into our skincare, how good it is if you don't have to wear loads of makeup but your skin looks glowing! I am borderline problematically obsessed with rose products, i was always searching something can keeping my skin in really good shape and always smelling in luxury rose fragrance. 
This time, i am gonna to introducing a product 100% truly made from Taiwan. 
Hey girls, did you heard about Biochem before? It is a Taiwan brand under ARWIN Group, knowns as an authentic Taiwan brand because all their products 100% made in Taiwan (MIT) include R&D, production, packaging, sales and delivery. ARWIN Group aims to provide luxury skin care product with affordable price, hence they can maintain good quality reputation for 34 years.
[ARWIN/BIOCHEM] Rose Rejuvenate Serum (120ml) 
玫瑰胜肽幼嫩 金精华脂 (120ml) 
Retail price: RM 284 ; now on discount for RM199 only! 
Key Ingredients:
Rose water, Rosehip extract - can improve the slow secretion of sebum, acne, pores, dull and dark sports. 
Deep sea fish oil - helps to repair dry and cracked skin by quickly absorb nutrients.
Vitamin B/E - relieve spots and anti-oxidation, regulate metabolism to improve skin condition. 
• The unique oily essence will enhance skin protection against environmental damage. 
• Delay and prevent skin aging, smooth wrinkles. 
• Whitening, moisturizing, brightening, increase shine and help with skin lumping. 
Apply to the whole face after lotion. Also can use this as a lotion for a repairing effect. 
The consistency is fantastic in that it's not watery or too thick to easily spread on.
Unlike other rose skincare line that have too strong and chemical rose scents, [ARWIN/BIOCHEM] Rose Rejuvenate Serum smells really good with soft rose scent, make me feel more relaxed and like a goddess LOL! 

[ARWIN/BIOCHEM] Rose Rejuvenate Serum is lightweight in the sense it absorbs quickly, but to me, it does leave the skin a little greasy.When i applied on my face, it's like highly concentrated that brightens my skin instantly. 
Thanks to Rosehip extract that soothe and nourish my skin, my skin tone has improved tremendously. The rose scent is divine! My skin feels soft, fresh and moisturised after using it. 
If you are interested to purchase Rose Rejuvenate Serum (120ml) or 30ml, kindly visit ARWIN/Biochem Store or login to Facebook for more updates.


  1. I totally agree with you that we should repair our skin and not hide behind layers of products. Thanks for recommending this serum. Will check it out soon.

  2. I've tried their ARWIN rose cleanser. It was all right to begin with haha


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