Tuck into mountain of ocean delights at Vitamin Sea, Seri Kembangan!

November 2, 2016

We always said "Vitamin Sea Can Cure A Bad Day", this time you don't need go to the beach, but can soaking up some vitamin sea in a restaurant. 
LOL! What i mean is enjoy the seafood fest at Vitamin Sea Restaurant, located at Putrawalk, Seri Kembangan. 
Trust me, it can cure your bad day too. =)
Unlike other seafood restaurant, Vitamin Sea gave special experience to patrons, let's tuck into a mountain of fresh seafoods without any cutlery. What you need to do is just simple and you sure want to do this for so long, hahaha! EAT with your HANDS!!! Pick whichever food that you like from the ocean delights with your bare hands. I am so happy when i can eat seafood with my hands instead of cutlery, i just not really pro in cutting the prawn out from its shell, LOL!
Simple interior design, they do provides outside seating.
Vitamin Sea's menu. 
There are 2 Combo available - 
Combo A (RM99+) 
Included : Live Meat Crab (400-500g, 1 pcs), fresh water prawn (2 pcs), sea prawns (6 pcs), mussels (300g), mini octopus (300g), broccoli, potato, corn. Rice and bread are refillable. 
Combo B (RM79+)
Included : Flower Crab (400-500g, 1 pcs), fresh water prawn (2 pcs), sea prawns (6 pcs), mussels (300g), mini octopus (300g), broccoli, potato, corn. Rice and bread are refillable. 
Sauce : you can choose either spicy signature sauce or seafood chowder. 
We ordered 2 set of Combo A with different sauces so we can taste which is the nicer. 1 set combo is recommended for 3 persons sharing.
Caution! Get ready to make a huge mess and get out! 
Combo A with Seafood Chowder    RM 99+
A large bowl of freshly prepared seafood and drowns it in seafood chowder sauce. Before drops all the ocean delights on your table, staffs will stick a piece of long paper-plastic to prevent the penetration of sauces. 
The live meat crab is so fresh and delicate! Succulent juicy prawns, fresh mix vegetables, clams and mussels are coated in the seafood chowder sauce. The sauce taste like white sauce for pasta, personally think the sauce not really matches with seafood. 
Disposable gloves, crab claw pincer and small metal bowl (dispose of shells) will be set aside on the table, just imagine the succulence as you bare hands crack open those crab shells and savour the crustacean's tender juicy meat! It's far easier and comfortable to eat seafoods with hands rather than using a knife or a fork. 
 Combo A with Spicy Signature Sauce    RM 99+
This is my favourite among all!!! It is a special sauce made of their boss's homemade secret recipe, quite similar to Cajun style. It's hot, spicy, flavorful, and richly varied, and the spice level can be adjusted to meet what you can afford. 
This combo is positively bursting with flavour with a zingy combination of the spicy sauce, perfect to pair with bread also! Don't forget their rice and bread is free flow, you can eat until your tummy burst! 
Premium Soy Sauce seafood combo   RM99+
Included : Live Meat Crab (400-500g, 1 pcs), fresh water prawn (2 pcs), sea prawns (6 pcs), kepah (300g), mini octopus (300g), Hong Kong Kailan, potato, corn. Rice and bread are refillable. 
This is the newest addition, if you are craving for chinese cooking way, this is perfect for enjoying the seafoods while bathed in soy sauce. Compare with the previous 2 sauces, this is mild-tasting and suitable for all aged patrons to eat. 
Vitamin Sea is not only offer seafood combo, but savoury side dishes too! 
 Strawberry Buttercream Prawns     RM32.90
Honestly, i feel kinda weird when i heard about the dish name. Sounded like a joke, isn't it? But when i take a first bite, i just can't stop to eating! 
Firm and crunchy prawns coated with sweet and buttery cream and sticks together with strawberry slices. Incredible creation! A dish you MUST ORDER! 
 Super Fries    RM12.90
Cheesy and soury crunchy fries, taste so good! 
With only RM99 (NO service charge) for up to 3 pax, which means ONLY pay RM33 for 1 person to enjoy an array of fresh seafoods with free flow rice and bread. Worth it ! All you need is a good dose of Vitamin Sea and set you free (a while) from the table manners! LOL! 
Vitamin Sea Restaurant
F-11-G, Jalan PP25, Putrawalk, 
Taman Pinggiran Putra, Bandar Putra Permai, 
Seri Kembangan .
Opening Hours :  5pm - 1am daily
Tel : +6014 - 9759 865

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