Bowie's Hanami x Sakura

November 7, 2016

 I know~~ it is kinda late that i blogged about Sakura season but now already is Autumn November.
Sorry,blogged about travel is not easy, hope you all don't mind to read this pinkish sakura blog instead of brown maple leaf. XD
So, this is my main purpose of my April Japan trip, the SAKURA! I was travelling to Japan few times but either in Autumn or Winter, i swear i must go there once in my life for the sakura season! Thanks God, we reached there at the right time (4th April), it is peak bloom for cherry blossom at Tokyo!!! Hurray!! we were so so so excited OMG!!!! 
The cherry blossom is tied to the ancient Japanese tradition of hanami, or picnicking under a sakura tree, of course we will do it also! What a beautiful picnic time while sit under the sakura trees, where are probably best viewed with a Japanese castle, mountain or garden in the backdrop, WOAH! 
Let's enjoy my very first Sakura x Hanami photo album =P
Everything bought from the convenient shop at just outside the park (except my pinky picnic blanket from DAISO). When you planned to do Hanami, what you need to bring is the picnic blanket only, you can get foods in the convenient shop or stalls nearby the park, unless you want to do very luxury hanami then have to go department store buy better bento. 
 Oh my pinky sakura!!!!! The flowering of the Sakura trees is spectacular!
Peak bloom only lasts about a week, so when i reached Osaka a week after, when sakura starts producing the green leaves, it means the cherry blossom viewing season is finishing.
But still beautiful~~~ 
Hey, this tamago origiri is a bomb!!! We love this so so so much! Do not miss it if you are in Japan!

I felt so luckily that i am managed to did twice Hanami during my Japan trip, the cherry blossom is overwhelmingly beautiful, i hope i can go there again next year may be? =)

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