Hug Yin Wan 'The Crow' Solo Exhibition by Nando's art initiative

November 28, 2016

Nando's Lot 123 is diving into the depths of reality with Nando's Art Initiative 2015 Fine Art Grand Prize Winner Hug Yin Wan's first solo art exhibition. As part of Nando's constant support and dedication to the winners of Nando's Art Initiative, Yin Wan will be showcasing his collection of artworks entitled 'The Crow' at Lot 123, Nando's Art Space at Chinatown from 25th Nov until 8th Dec 2016.
Growing up in a Buddhist family, Yin Wan believe in the concept of the impermanence of life as the existence of all phenomena is temporary and constantly changing, that's life and death. His fascination with the Buddhist concept of impermanence in life is reflected in his artworks, the cycle of life and death a prevailing theme to the collection. Can you believe this depth theory is actually come out from this 21 years old boy? He is real amazingly talented! 
The Crow in various cultures, especially Chinese, is an inauspicious sign with connotations of wickedness and cruelty. Yin Wan explores the idea with a painful awareness that change is beyond control, using hands as a symbol of going through the motions between humans and the start of new beginnings. 
 The Crow VI | 2016 | Woodcut on plywood | 165cm x 310cm
The Crow III |  2015 | Woodcut on plywood | 62.1cm x 122.1cm
  The Crow VIII | 2016 | Woodcut on plywood | 122cm x 82.5cm
  The Crow | 2015 | Woodcut & oil painting on plywood | 83.1cm x 146.4cm
  The Crow II | 2015 | Woodcut on plywood | 38.9cm x 146.3cm
  The Crow IV | 2015 | Woodcut on plywood | 160cm x 180cm
 The Crow VII | 2016 | Woodcut on plywood | 124cm x 242cm
Inspired by his experiences and surroundings, Yin Wan embraces the natural phenomenon, as everything has 2-sides, he is trying to seek the balance between it. His unique style in incorporating natural materials like plywood as well as wood-cut and oil paint techniques breathes life into his artworks, injecting surrealism into the duality of matter in life.
The way he explores the subject of reality through fine art illustrates such maturity and depth is truly leave us in wonder. Looking forward to see more great things from his art world. =)
Hey... although i looks like very "pattern" in this photo but i really like his artwork, i am graphic designer ok LOL! 
'The Crow' exhibition is open to the public for viewing and purchase from 25th Nov - 8th Dec 2016 at Lot 123 Nando's Chinatown, Jalan Sultan. 
To find out more about the Nando's Art Initiative, kindly visit 

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