Gangnam Oppa BBQ @ Damansara Uptown

November 16, 2016

Like the smell of smoky and soju on your shirt in the evening, Korean barbecue sustained popularity in the city. 
Gangnam Oppa BBQ, it's a welcoming new addition to Damansara Uptown! A Korean-owned Korean BBQ restaurant and serves authentic Korean cuisine with a little something special recipe. 
Regardless, the concept of tableside barbecue is simple as other Korean BBQ restaurant, every tables with its own silver barbecue grate in the center and a commercial exhaust hood installed directly above it. Usually i won't take a shower before go for Korean BBQ, because i hate the smell of my hair and clothes after that. However, it doesn't happen at Gangnam Oppa BBQ. =)
It really been raining everyday lately, places seeing much colder weather than normal, there is nothing better than enjoy the hot and grilled food in front of barbecue grate. 
The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, you can go for outdoor seating if you dislike grill the meats in air-con place. The people working there are friendly and on it for the most part, their prices are pretty good for what you get! If you are going with family or friends, i would happy to recommend you to order their set meal, so cheap and eat until nearly split yours pants! LOL!
Let's see how attractive deal they offered!
Gangnam Family Set    RM 119 
Portion can be served : 4-6 pax
Including : choose from either Beef Sirloin (1 set) or Grilled beef short rib (1 set),  Pork Belly (1 set), Marinated Pork (1 set), Baby Octopus (1 set), 1 set of Stew (3 options : soft tofu stew/ soybean stew/ kimchi stew)
This is in their promotion dinner menu, which i think worth the money as if RM119 share with 4 pax, each person need to pay RM25+ ONLY! Unlike the others, Gangnam Oppa BBQ dedicated to serving you quality and worthy foods. 
The size of meat at Gangnam Oppa BBQ is double thicker than other Korean BBQ restaurant, that's what i said, RM25+ can eat until full with thicken meat, stew and few refillable Banchans (complimentary small plates such as kimchis, seasoned sprouts, and potato salad). 
With their special recipe, Marinated Pork and Grilled Beef Short Rib are both marinated with 4 type of fruits (kiwi, pineapple, apple and pear), it is more tender and juicy even though on the grill! The short ribs were excellent with pleasantly fatty and soaked through with fruity sweetness. 
In November, Grilled Beef Short Rib is served with pineapple.
Oppa Set  RM 56
Portion can be served : 2-3 pax
Including : Choose 2 portions from Pork Belly/ Spicy Belly/ Pork Shoulder/ Marinated Pork, 1 set of Stew (3 options : soft tofu stew/ soybean stew/ kimchi stew)
Spicy Rice Ball  RM 19

[Recommended] Have fun with these spicy rice ball by D.I.Y creatively! Put on gloves and make them into tennis ball size or any shaped you like, then eat it either with or without a grill. Watch out the rice ball as it will stick on the grill easily! The spicy rice balls are seasoned and coated in sesame seeds or seaweed, such a crunchy, spicy, and savory bite-sized snacks! I love it! 
Hite beer
Korean barbecue's tendency toward beer-and-soju-fueled conviviality, it is one reason the Korean meal is such fun, always has a chance to drink a bit too much, LOL! While in Korean BBQ restaurant, act like a Korean! Try the soju bomb which is one of the many popular ways of drinking alcohol in Korea, consists of a shot glass of soju dropped into a pint of beer but beware because it is drunk quickly. =P

Enjoy the promotion on going : RM 33 for 5 cans!!

I found my favourite Makgeolli here! It is common to get Makgeolli at Korean cuisine, Gangnam Oppa BBQ offers special flavour for you which is Banana flavour! But yay! i still prefer the original taste instead of banana, i love to mix Makgeolli with soju, the best ever! 
Get steam egg for FREE when check in and review on Gangnam Oppa BBQ's Facebook. Promotion valid until 30/11/2016.
The Menu 
Overall, the restaurant is worth going to again! The meat is juicy and tender, even though the soybean stew and kimchi stew is so rich and flavourful! 
There is simply no better way to dine out as a group for Korean barbecue, enjoy the happy moment while watching the marinated meats hissing atop coals and drink soju, also best embarked to split the bill, you can get even cheaper dining experience at Gangnam Oppa BBQ! 
Gangnam Oppa BBQ
No 23, Jalan SS21/60, 
Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : +6017 - 395 2800
Operation Hours : 11.30am - 12am (Mon - Sat) | 11.30am - 10.30pm (Sun)
Website : Gangnam Oppa BBQ


  1. yummy! tak nak belanja i makan kat sini ke? hehe

  2. Oppa, this is non-halal, ajak next time ok hehehe

  3. The setting looks really simple but the food, that looks so appetising. Am not a great fan of Korean but your photos have enticed me to try

  4. Korean food is one of my favorite cuisines, thanks for the recommendation :)

  5. nice BBQ oh. Bookmarking this place to go next time hehe


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