My Ombre purple hair by Mr & Mrs Hair Gallery

November 21, 2016

The frequent question that I receive recently is "hey, your hair looks quite dry, is it damaged?? "
Yeah, I'm tried light hair colour few months back and you all should know it’s impossible to make your hair a lighter shade without the help of a bleaching agent, but also because of bleaching whole head, my hair is so damaged and dry. So I decided back to the normal with a darker brown in end-September, but the color was fading too fast after a month, i think it might be cause by the previous bleaching and wash hair everyday so i can't maintain the brown color as long as possible. 
This is my hair color, looks so dry and messy. I can't stand it anymore!!! 
Things just happen in the right way, at the right time. I received a hair review invitation last week, i decided to go change to new hair color and pampered my hair. 
This is my first time to visit Mr & Mrs Hair Gallery, located at The Mines. I was quite happy while received this invitation because the location is so close to my house! Finally, i can spend within 15 minutes to attend a review, hahaha! 
 This time, i want to play with some new hair colour again. 
What about ombre purple? ^^
Yeah~~ Justine was suggested ombre purple for my new hair color, he is the Artistic Director of Mr & Mrs Hair Gallery. 
The ombre hair trend isn't showing any signs of disappearing or slowing down, and with new incarnations of the colour technique constantly evolving, it will be the latest trend as well until 2017. I want to try this for so long! The main reason is ombre hair is subtle option for me to avoid the obvious edgy line caused by color fades, it will looks naturally even though your hair have grown out.
To ombre my hair, hair-stylist need to divide my hair into sections and use bleach to lift the color from my hair. 

To bleach my hair, using :
Milbon Powder Bleach mix with Olaplex Bond Multiplier
Of all colouring methods, bleach is potentially the most damaging, and therefore should ideally always be done professionally. 
With Olaplex, it is concentrated to rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair, provide extra protection from the bleaching process. 
Bleaching underneath hair.
Olaplex is really powerful, i love the soft touch of my hair after bleached!
The color code of my Ombre Purple hair is Milbon 9-60 and c6-vl.
Dyed my hair into ombre purple, i need a good hair treatment to repair my hair instantly. Remember this turquoise packaging? I had review this before and this time also using Milbon Deesse's salon treatment. 
I have been using Milbon's products since 5 years ago, that's the only one hair care brand to fix my hair well. Before i use Milbon, i was trying many famous hair care brands but couldn't solve my problem. 
Lebel Pre Skin Cream
To protects your scalp from sensory irritation, itching, tightness, etc. caused by hair coloring, and supports the comfort of your scalp when treating hair.
Lebel Smoothing Oil 
To ensures the hair is in a stable condition as it gently cleanses the scalp, enhancing comfort and color retention during the emulsification process.
My hair stylist used this 2 products before proceed to Milbon Deesse's salon treatment, to support a comfortable process and beautiful finish of hair coloring. 
Milbon Deesse's -μ Salon Hair Treatment
It is a quick 3 step salon treatment system that improves the quality of hair without a greasy feel, creates an incredible feel, bringing about consistent silkiness and a rich touch right to the tips of the hair. 
The treatment took about 10-15 minutes, quick but intensive treatment.
Step 1
Apply step 1 cream evenly through hair. It contains amino oils, which smoothes out the bumps on the surface. 
Step 2
Apply step 2 from hair ends and massage until hair soften. Comb through. The hydrophilic water-based polymer can capture and locks moisture in the hair. The ionic effect of combining with Step 1 amino acid oil, provide moisture to dry and damaged hair, especially at the hair ends. Steam my hair for 10 minutes. After that, rinse it. 
Step 3
Proceed to step 3 at basin area. Apply 3rd step cream evenly, comb well and massage. Step 3 product helps the cream smoothen the top coat over the moisture veil, protecting the hair after treatment. Lastly, rinse again then blow dry.
My Ombre Purple hair
My hair visually looks healthy and shinny now, the purple color helps to brighten my skin tone. 
I love this color!!! 
Thanks to Justine for the wonderful work on my hair. 
My hair is quite damaged but it is manageable and fluffy after Milbon Deesse's salon treatment. I'm lovin it! That's why i always go for this treatment, quick and efficient! I was so enjoyable while i smell the refreshing flora fruity scent from this product. =)
If you are looking for perfect booster to help you going through your damaged hair problem, you must try the treatment! No lie, this is one of the best hair innovation that i had so far. =)

Do you like my new hair color? *wink wink*
Mr & Mrs Hair Gallery
L1-60, The Mines, Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel : +603-8949 9902

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