The New Men's Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam Range

July 30, 2016

Men today are more conscious about their personal grooming, appearance and image. However, leading a hectic lifestyle and constant exposure to polluted environment can be challenging for men to maintain good skin condition. Accumulation of surface impurities and excess oil build-up can clog pores, while bacteria that are trapped deep inside pores will trigger skin blemishes and dullness. Their skin is prone to oiliness and frequent acne breakouts, thus affecting their confidence level. 
To target the root cause of various skin troubles, Men’s Bioré is constantly working to develop innovative products to meet our customer’s needs. Hence, Men’s Bioré introducing the very first men’s facial wash that provides Detox Power Cleansing to get visible improvement in their skin condition after each wash. With using Advanced Japan Million-scrub Technology, this highly researched formulation has Detox Power Cleansing and Oil Absorbing properties works effectively by flushing away stubborn oil, dirt and bacteria accumulated deep inside pores, to help Malaysian Men fight against their daily skin challenges and concerns from inside out!
Let's explore more about this series!
Formulated with Advanced Japan Million-scrub Technology, the scrubs optimise their Detox Cleansing Ability by bursting into Micro Scrubs to penetrate deeper into pores. The packaging of whole range of Men’s Bioré Double Scrub Facial Foam in a new refreshingly contemporary look, which is specially designed to cater to young, active, outdoorsy Malaysian men. 
Oil Absorbing Scrub - Absorbs excessive oil from the surface of the skin while removing blackheads and dullness. 
Deep Detox Scrub - Deeply cleanses by directly delivering Active Oil Clearing and Anti-Bacterial agents deep into pores. 
It comes in five variants : Deep Clean, Deep Clean Extra Cool, Oil Clear, Acne Solution and Bright Clean, to cater to various skin concerns.
· Double Scrub Deep Clean   RM8.60 (50g) | RM15.70 (100g)
Contains Oil Absorbing Scrub and Deep Detox Scrub that can effectively remove all impurities, blackheads and dull skin unveiling a clean radiant skin. Gives you long lasting oil control and completely clean skin in one step. 
· Double Scrub Deep Clean Extra Cool   
RM8.60 (50g) | RM15.70 (100g)
Similar functions to the Deep Clean variant but comes with an extra cooling sensation. Experience an extremely cool and refreshing sensation upon application, especially after an exhausted work out / sport activity.
· Double Scrub Oil Clear   RM8.60 (50g) | RM15.70 (100g)
Contains Black Tea, Oil Clear Scrub and Deep Detox Scrub. It provides excellent sebum control and anti-oxidant properties to effectively remove excessive oil & stickiness from the skin, resulting long lasting shine free and matte skin look. It also leaves a fresh and cooling sensation upon cleansing the face.
· Double Scrub Acne Solution   RM8.60 (50g) | RM15.70 (100g)
A great solution for acne-prone skin. Formulated with natural Tea Tree Extracts, Oil Absorbing Scrub and Deep Detox Scrub. This antibacterial formulation works effectively to control acne that’s caused by bacteria & clogged pores from excessive oil and dirt. Skin will be revitalised while lessening the recurrence of acne and blemishes; as well as reducing acne marks and dark spots.
· Double Scrub Bright Clean    RM8.60 (50g) | RM15.70 (100g)
Contains Oil Absorbing Scrub and Deep Detox Scrub, and also an active Charcoal ingredient that works effectively to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin for a cleaner, visibly brighter and even skin tone. 
In conjunction with Men’s Bioré’s product range renewal, Kao has appointed actor Sharnaaz Ahmad as its new brand ambassador because of his confident and bold masculine image in the public eye makes him the perfect role model and a great reflection of Men’s Bioré’s standards. 
Men’s Bioré Double Scrub Facial Foam is available for sale starting from August 2016 at all major retailers, pharmacies, hypermarkets and provision shops. 
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