Laneige new BB Cushion_Whitening and BB Cushion_Pore Control

July 11, 2016

The Korean beauty wave has hit Malaysia and shows no signs of stopping. When we talk about BB Cushion, sure the first brand appear in your mind is the Laneige. The Laneige BB Cushion that was invented by AmorePacific is the first cushion that went global in 2012. While most BB creams come in a tube, Lineage hit the market with their innovative version which is soaked in a compact sponge to give skin a dewy finish and comfortable touch. Since then, the BB Cushion became a global makeup trend and a must-have item for every girls! 
In year 2012, Laneige launched its first BB Cushion and 2nd generation with BB Cushion Whitening, Pore Control and Anti-Aging in Year 2014. 
1st generation - Snow BB Soothing Cushion (Year 2012)
 2nd generation - BB Cushion Whitening, Pore Control & Anti-aging (Year 2014)
 3rd generation - BB Cushion_Whitening & Pore Control (Year 2016)
This year, let's get excited about innovation of Laneige 3rd generation BB Cushion! 
Laneige has perfected the BB Cushion in every possible way with a host of great features that include a case facelift making it the FIRST of its kind in the market. With the facelift comes a change in packaging and the design of the sponge. The holographic cover diffuses light in different colours, reflecting the philosophy of sparkling beauty.
Highlight of the NEW Laneige BB Cushion
- 3D Skin Fit Cushion
Being strong and elastic, '3D Skin Fit' allows you to pick up the desired amount of product easily and evenly with the puff to create the look of delicately radiant skin. Also the BB liquid does not flow over the edge of the uff even when it is pressed, keeping the puff sanitary and clean. 
- Super Flex Lasting
This is a new feature that intensifies the long-lasting effect of smooth and even skin texture by the anti-darkening film layer which functions to spread itself to cover the surface of the skin concealing facial wrinkles and protects makeup all day long.
- Hydro Ion Mineral Water
Contains 6 minerals (Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium), Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It helps to offer a longer lasting moisturisation. 
BB Cushion_Whitening (15g x 2)    RM159
#1 Ultimate brightness and moisture
Formulated with Dual Whitening Care to achieve ultimately radiant and bright skin from the inside out. Laneige BB Cushion is the FIRST cushion in the market that adopts colouring technology, incorporates the patented Sparkling Coat technology with the application of a Magic Pigment System, uses micro-sized pearls with 2 different colour schemes to maximising the glow and brightness of skin also deflects light by 360 degrees.
#2 Brightening effect
Using the proprietary and core technology, the Melacrusher technology breaks down melanin membrane which can cause the skin discolouration and skin dullness. 
#3 Long-lasting radiance & Water resistant
#4 UV Protection
BB Cushion_Pore Control (15g x 2)    RM159
#1 Two Step Oil Control System
Step 1 : Selective oil-balancing powder absorbing only excess oil while balancing the moisture level, to keep your skin surface matte without drying the skin,
Step 2 : Pore Minimising Technology prevents excessive sebum secretion while moisturising and strengthening the skin's barrier.
#2 Pore Blurring
Working like the blurring tool in a photo editing software, it formed by soft powder and functions to cover dull skin, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone to portray a smooth-looking complexion with light reflection effects.
#3 Semi-matte finish with excellent coverage
The powerful Dual Powder Formula of anti-darkening powder and sebum control powder, regulates shine for a semi-matte and supple finish that leaves the skin looking soft and fresh all-day long.You'll glad to know that Laneige BB Cushion_pore Control is formulated with Cotton Candy Powder that features a porous and ultra-light texture while providing excellent coverage.
#4 UV Protection
#5 Water resistant
The new BB Cushion available in 8 shades : 
Thanks to Laneige for the invitation, i was like bump into silver galaxy world in their new BB Cushion launching event.
Oops! This is on live Laneige's history introduction, they are real peoples! 
Beautiful set-up.
We had so much fun with these all activities! 
With babe Jessica.
Alright, it's Bowie Review time! I will try both of them on my face, one side is Whitening and another side is Pore Control.
First try on Laneige BB Cushion_Pore Control, it effectively cover my enlarged pores.
I prefer BB Cushion_Whitening, my dull skin is looking bright immediately after apply it, love the Sparkling Coat technology reflecting the light at full 360 degree for ultimate glow of the skin, my skin looks so luminous, oh yeah!!!!! I don't need to use beautify skin apps anymore LOL! But it doesn't mean BB Cushion_Pore Control not nice, just because of i feel the makeup is heavier compare with whitening one. It keeping your makeup fresh and matte but all i want is brightening skin. Have to mentioned their pore blurring effect is good enough!
Find the Cushion that Perfect for your skin type! I found it, what about you?
 We all hate it when the sweltering heat mess our makeup quickly and makes our skin look dull and dirty. Laneige new generation BB Cushion is the keys to keeping your makeup perfect in the hot day, good to invest one for luminous moist skin all day long! 
The all new BB Cushion_Whitening and BB Cushion_Pore Control is available at all Laneige boutiques and beauty counters. 
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