Hydra-R Intensive Booster Treatment @ Monette Ansley Clinic by Dr Adam Tan

July 20, 2016

Water is essential for life, Hydration playing the most important role for good health and beautiful skin. I was like forever looking the best hydration solution for my skin, LOL! There isn't a woman on the earth who wouldn't like to boast flawless, beautiful skin. Unfortunately, this is always opposite of reality. How many woman doesn't need to take care of her skin but still looking good? Honestly i am jealous if you are one of them ;P
Unless you've got the genetic makeup of Hollywood superstars, or else don't even want to step out the house gate with bare face. LOL!
Recently i received an invitation to try out a special facial treatment, it is regarding to HYDRATION. WAOH! Dear God, how you know I need some hydration booster so badly? ^^
I had Hydra-R Intensive Booster Treatment at Monette Ansley Clinic by Dr Adam Tan last 2 weeks. This is totally new to me and was my first time to try this treatment. Dr Adam Tan consulted with me about what we should do for hydration booster, he has more than 10 years experience in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine. He graduated from the Manipal University, India with bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery, besides diploma in aesthetic medicine from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Adam is member of SAAARMM (Society of Anti-Aging, Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine Malaysia), American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and International Society of Medical Ozone Therapy (AEPROMO).
The Tropicana Clinic focus on aesthetic medicine, anti-aging medicine. Aims to empower beautify in everyone with effective and safe ample beauty innovations solutions. The Tropicana Clinic provided treatments such as Korea Model Facial Reshaping, Pro Collagen Facial Repair, Hydra- R Intensive Booster, Lips + Perioral Enhancement, 3D Nasal Reshaping, Glowing Skin Revitalization Treatment, SCP (Stem Cell Plasma), 3D Liquid Face Lift, 3D Threat Lift and Facial Contouring.

What is Hydra-R Intensive Booster? 

Superficial subcutaneous micro injection technique with the latest Korean made injection device than can control depth, amount and relapse time. This is the most advance and most popular injection method to improve the skin’s quality by boosting hydration level deep inside the skin. Dr Adam Tan has his own prominent ingredient of injection that will not only hydrate the treated area, giving it improved firmness, elasticity and smoothness that will last.

How It works?
Step 1 : Removed makeup / use cleanser to thoroughly wash my face. 
 Then apply numb cream over my face.
Leave it on for 40 minutes. After that, his assistant wiped the cream off.
Why need to apply numb cream? 
Because this is one of the ways to eliminate prickling sensation during Hydra-R Intensive Booster.
Step 2 : Dr Adam using the latest Korean made micro injection device technique with the Superficial subcutaneous micro injection technique to infuse the hyaluronic acid into my Superficial subcutaneous layer.
These 5 needles are fine. 
Dr Adam was kept asking how do i feel with the pain and depth of injection. Everything is adjustable to our tolerance level includes depth and amount of injection. I'm afraid I won't be able to stand the pain so i requested to make it at the mild level.
Frankly speaking, i felt quite pain during the treatment even though my face was numbed. May be my skin is really sensitive, i would rate the pain level as 5 out of 10. Especially on certain areas which are very sensitive like lips area, nose and forehead! 
Step 3 : Apply a soothing and cooling mask to subside the redness and swelling.
After the treatment, i was shocked when look at the mirror. My face looks red, swollen and pits. So if you got appointment after this treatment, please wear a mask LOL! I suggested to go home and take a rest. =)
The swelling subside considered quite fast, when I reached home after meeting my friend (yay, i am the one who wearing a mask go for second round), swelling and redness was reducing but still with the visible pits. 
[ Without makeup ]
Day 2, no more swelling and redness, holes are fading away.
[ Without makeup ]
Day 4, my skin is getting more hydrated and glowing. 
[With makeup]
Day 6, can obviously see the result of firms the chin and jawline!
[ Without makeup ]
After a week, my skin is smoothness and firm. *happy happy!*

Now, my face really did look younger, firm and more radiant. No need to use beautify apps to help me look more beautiful. I can go out without makeup, or with light makeup only. Yahoo!!! 
Recommend to have 3 consecutive treatments 3-4 weeks apart, with subsequent maintenance treatment once every 6 months.
Just mention "The B Girl World" and show to clinic staff the proof as my follower, you will entitle additional 10% discount on the spot. 

Monette Ansley Clinic by Dr Adam Tan
PG13 (Ground floor), Tropicana Avenue, Persiaran Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

T : +603 76200 888
E : enquiry@monetteansley.com

For more information about Hydra-R Intensive Booster Treatment, please visit their Website.

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