October 22, 2014

With a little changes, you can create few styles of the same piece of your clothes. 
Spot the difference! 

| Zara Stripe Dress | Monki Lemon Clutch | Zara Shoes | 
To have a relaxing afternoon coffee, i choose a very casual dress to make myself comfortable. But you know this kind of dress is dangerous for styling, if you just simply wear it without any accessories, then you will be K.O by the dress (looks like pyjamas). Of course i wants to K.O the dress instead of, funky clutch is a highlight and the contrast one! 
How's my lemon clutch? Looks cute right? i am lovin' it!
| Zara Stripe Dress | Club Monaco Big Bow White Shirt | Zara Red Studded Flats | 
I loves to layer my clothes so my style won't be so boring, wearing a white shirt in dress to makes my dress to be unique and i will not afraid even though i might meet a person in same dress.
A perfectly layered look will compliment your curves and create the illusion of a more proportional silhouette.

Save your money, try to use your mind and comes out few styles of same piece. Have fun to mix and match! 

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