Feeka Coffee Roasters @ Mesui

October 12, 2014

Kinda busy recently, my October always happening with cake/ cupcake order. *stressssssss!!!!*
Usually i will go out for dinner on every Saturday unless nobody free to out with me la~~ i have no more idea for the new dinner place (i always go to the same restaurant order same dishes hahaha!) 
My brother said want go to Pavilion golden triangle area to do some shopping, but nothing to eat there. Think...think...think.....finally comes out a word " Feeka " !
I want to go there since i saw a lots of post from Instagram, but no ones go with me because it is at KL. Feel frustrated if go on weekdays because of traffic jam, feel lazy to go on weekends because it is far from my house,hahaha! lazy people always comes out a lot of excuses (who? who??)
Can't capture the cafe name because that signboard always attract people take picture with it. hmm...reason? tak tau oh~~ 
Feeka located at Jalan Mesui, i used to go No Black Tie and Palette Palette when i was working in KL, quite familiar and feel good with this street because of their old heritage shop lots looks. So, it looks awesome when you bring in some comtemporary elements mix and match .

Cafe is small but spacious. I went there on Saturday evening, there are so noisy > < !
Though noisy makes me headache but actually their interior design is not bad, full house and i still can sit and enjoy my food comfortable. =) 
Unlike another cafes, distance between table to table is only 3-4 inches ==!
Beef burger 
I like the Mexican chips =)
Chicken Chop
My brother said taste so so only. Nandos still the best! LoL! 
Chocolate Mille Crepe

Breakfast menu is available from 10am to 6pm, All day menu available from 12pm-10pm.
If you ask me how's the food taste, i would tell " i will not come for dinner la~ " 
But don't think this is worst, it just nothing special for me.
Definitely i will come again for their coffee and ambiance (i will choose weekdays next time, LoL!)

Feeka Coffee Roasters
Address: 19, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2110 4599
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 8am – 12am
GPS Coordinates: 3.149322,101.707928

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