Beauty Review :OceanLab Pearl Whitening Body Cream

October 6, 2014

Looks familiar? I was wrote a blogpost regarding the miracle cream of this brand before.Now i am talking about their body cream.
I just received OceanLab Pearl Whitening Body Cream from SaSa Malaysia recently, thanks a lot. =)
Body cream is one of the important daily care for me, i can't live without body cream,haha!
So, i invested a lot of money on my body cream to make sure my body skin is not dehydrated especially age is growing. =((
Girls, you can spend a lot on your clothes/shoes/cosmetics.
You can spend a lot on coffee shop nowadays.
You can even want to skip your skin daily care step and goes to micro plastic surgery now.
But..when you are getting older, your skin tone is dull because of thick make up. Saving account money always decrease because always go to micro surgery to maintain your younger look (unless you are rich).Why don't start to pamper yourself now with the right way and reasonable expenses ? 
Nowadays body cream products come out a lots of benefits ~ hydration, whitening, anti-aging etc. But have you ever seen it will whitening your skin in just 5.5 second?!! 
OceanLab Pearl Whitening Body Cream brings 5.5 sec instant whitening miracles to you.

This is OceanLab Pearl Whitening Body Cream's effective functions.

✓Remove Spots

✓Skin firming


✓Anti Aging


Apply appropriate amount of this product immediately after shower or bath for better result.
Use it day and night.Massage over entire body with gently circular motions until completely absorbed. Leave on. 
( This is NOT for face use.)
Your skin tone can be significantly lightened and will stay smooth for the whole day.
Can you see my skin tone lightened???
[ My review ]
This picture can show you well. OMG!!! unbelievable it is really whiten my hand instantly and looks so smooth like already apply CC cream on it.
 But the texture of body cream is not watery so if you apply it on your legs, make sure you apply it evenly if not your legs will looks like skin tone unevenly (some part is lighten but some part is darken).Hydration is not strong enough for me. But it can "make up" my skin, LoL!
"No matter what a women looks like, if she's confident, she's sexy" by Paris Hilton.
My girls, please start to pamper yourself (if you don't).
OceanLab Pearl Whitening Body Cream now is available at all SaSa outlet. Retail price is RM138 for 180g. For more details, please visit

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