Get Your Sunnies On! Rayban is now available at ZALORA

October 2, 2014


Who doesn't love to get sunnies on your face in our country? 365 days in hot weather, may be there are few months raining often but sun always can "sneak out" even though for just 1 hour shortly. OkOk! May be you are not the one, but i do love to wear and need sunnies so badly. It can protecting my eyes out from the sunshine and also "perfect concealer" for me when with naked make up,haha! 

Considering the perpetual summer we experience here in most parts of the region, investing in a good pair of sunglasses is a must. Don't buy cheaper one if you meant to be protecting your eyes,ok? for those cheaper, it is worth for styling only. Apart from shielding our eyes from the harsh rays of the sun and protecting the delicate, wrinkle-prone skin around that area of our face,they are the perfect finishing touch to any daytime look.

There are perhaps a gazillion styles available in the market right now but to make it easier, ZALORA has curated the seven best sunglasses styles for you need to know. If you're shopping for your first pair of good sunnies, why not make one of these your choice? They could be your new signature style. 
Wait...wait!!! What is this brand??? I could buy it just need me to "click" on keyboard, online transfer then can reach to my doorstep????

For all fashionista, Ray-Ban is on ZALORA now! Oh My Godnesssss!!!!!
From the classic icons of eyewear to the shades of the moment, these are the seven sunglasses styles you need to know.
1. Embellished : Rihanna surprise us and rock the fashion world with her pearl encrusted round shades to make gorgeous styling.
2. Oversized : Timeless oversized shades have become synonymous with elegant fashion mavens such as Victoria Beckham.
3&4. Wayfarer : The classic of all classics. The Wayfarer is simply the most recognisable style in the world, having been seen on nearly every trend-setting icon from Rachel Bilson, New York IT girl Olivia,Marilyn Monroe,Michael Jackson to Kate Moss.
5&7. Browline :  also known as semi-rimless style, can be likened to an edgy cool distant cousin of the Wayfarer. Classic but cool as Jamie Chung and Chiara Ferragni in picture #7 (my most favourite fashion blogger)
6. Avaitors : Originally created in the 1930s for US Air Force pilots to protect them from the glaring sun,the tear-drop shaped eyewear also known as pilots glasses,spent the next 80 years gaining popularity as an eyewear staple.Today, Avaitors (one of their sunnies name) are still a mainstay of many fashionista's wardrobes. Power blogger Elin Kling chooses a modern look by pairing her Aviators.
8. Cateyes : Be inspired by industry cool cats wild like french fashion blogger Betty Autier.
9. Teashades :  Ashley Olsen looks sleek and sophisticated with tea shade sunglasses. It is pretty tricky to wear, don't suit all face shapes so might carefully choose outfit to make them work.

Looking for your perfect pair of staple sunnies? 
Head over to Ray-Ban @ ZALORA and shop from hundreds of different styles, shapes and colours including the latest looks from Ray–Ban and more.

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