Small little Halloween party 2014

October 26, 2014

This is my first time to join Halloween Party, although it is small party but i feel so excited because i can make up myself like ghost,LoL! 
Halloween party held at my Facebook friend's pets shop, so Golden Dou Dou and Princess V got to make up also (hmm..sorry it's dress up hahaha!)
Afraid i need to refuel my car when on the way going, so i not dare to draw some blood on my eyes and mouth. Freaking scary you know? when you drive beside my car and i turn my head look at you,hahaha! Out of idea, so i make myself to be dolly. At first i want to be a Lolita ghost but when i don't have nice big ribbon can put on my head =( 

My Halloween dolly looks.
- Apply thicker dark purple eyes shadow on top of eyelid.
- Apply black eyes liner along the upper and lower lash line.
- Put a lot of red pink eyes shadow on lower eyelid.
- Don't put too much of blushers.
- Apply dark red purple lipstick and curl my hair.
* I didn't wear any contact lens * Eyes big enough??
My sista Yennie a.k.a the cracking doll. hahaha!
She used waterproof eyes liner to draw out the cracking line on her face (so will not afraid of make up melting when sweat), put fake eyes lash 3mm away from lower eyelid, that's it!
Try to be horrible but.... ok la! i knew mission failed ==!
Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. lol hello lolita ghost! haha how come the dogs didnt dress up for halloween! hahaha


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