My Tulle Tulle Feminine Skirt

September 19, 2014

I love tulle skirt, since when?
can i say i was born to be like this?
Hahaha! All my dress in my childhood is Tulle skirt or pom pom skirt, but i feel shame to wear when i am growing older. Until...oh yeah! the trend is back!!! Honestly i had a lot of tulle skirt in my wardrobe but just...some are really too over LoL! 
Who says i have to be a prima ballerina to master the tulle skirt? Here’s am i to show how to incorporate the chic piece into your own wardrobe.
To make tulle skirt looks not so "princesses" , i wear cropped top with features a draped front design which flatters my chest and hole cut at my waist so that my outfit will not too boring.

|| YoungHungryFree Pop Dat Top in white || Dark Blue Tulle Skirt from Bangkok || Zara Blue Heels || Louis Vuitton Clutch || Inch Child White Tattoo series Bracelet ||
This is what i wear in Taiwan Trip months before, i choose mint colour to makes myself looks refreshing.
Play up the skirt’s girlish roots with ultra-feminine details, such as throw on long coat.
|| Zara Mint Flared Top || Chicwish Tulle Skirt || Louis Vuitton Clutch || CherryKoKo Jacket || Maud Frizon Flats ||
|| Chicwish Tulle Skirt || Louis Vuitton Clutch || CherryKoKo Tops || Maud Frizon Flats ||


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