September 22, 2014

Received a press from UPM veterinary student and it is regarding the annual charity event ~ DOGATHON™ 2014. I went there every year since i had my furkids, it is a great day for you and your friends gather together and allowed to bringing pets ( i bet you guys must headache there are only few places for you, friends and pets gather together right?) It is consider a sport day for pets also, there provided a lots of game for our furkids.

Here is the information :

Veterinary Medicine (VETERNAK) and Zoologico Club, University Putra Malaysia
(UPM), Serdang, are proud to inform that the annual DOGATHON™ is here once
again for the 18th time. The particulars of DOGATHON™ 2014 are as follows:
Date: 12 October 2014
Time: 6:30am to 2.00pm
Venue: Bukit Ekspo,
UPM Serdang
Theme: Battlefield
You must be wondering how DOGATHON™ came about?
Well, it all started with the urge to help rescue the ever-increasing number of strays in our community. So, a master plan scheme was set up by the students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of UPM which aims to help the welfare of stray dogs and cats, getting trained professional veterinarians to neuter them, perform proper post-operative care, and releasing them back to their actual habitat. And we have decided to call this program PROKASIH.
Hence, students need to raise funds to support this program culminating with the introduction of Dogathon™. Ever since Dogathon™ came into the picture, we have gained nothing but success with a significant reduced number of strays. Our education program targeted at children and adults has effectively enhanced awareness.
Besides raising funds, the event also aims to promote exposure to all breeds of dogs and their owners as well as being a platform for owners and their dogs to enjoy a fun filled day of games and other activities. They currently hold the record for “The Largest Gathering of Canines” endorsed by THE MALAYSIA BOOK OF RECORDS in 2010. The icing on the cake will be the fact that we are including you in our team to break our
previous record in the MALAYSIAN BOOK OF RECORDS. This year we are targeting
more than 1111 dogs. So, let’s join forces and together mark history with
Dogathon™ 2014 as a huge success! The organizing Committee hope to make
DOGATHONTM 2014 even bigger, better and more enjoyable for
owners and their canine companions!
So, for pet lovers, mark your calendar and bring your dog out to know
more friends!

There are many activities that are going to be held. The main activity is of course the Dog Race!!
(Click to enlarge)
I will be there on 12 October, around 8.30am. Hmm...i just can't wake up so early, will faint haha! 
See you there =)

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