Hana Tei Japanese Restaurant @ Cheras Traders Square

April 22, 2019

 It is always difficult to find a nice Japanese restaurant within the often congested neighbourhoods of Cheras.

Located close to Cheras, Cheras Selatan is a great place for food hunt as this area is filled with restaurants, bars and cafes. 
Hana Tei Japanese Restaurant is one of the new addition to this area. Actually i visited before at their first branch at Kajang, it is considered one of the most popular Japanese restaurant in Kajang. 
Hana Tei Restaurant is known for its authentic Japanese cuisines, injecting modern recipe elements and food styling to traditional Japanese cuisines. Hana Tei serve a wide varieties of freshly prepared extravagant and affordable dishes. 
Take a step inside Hana Tei at Cheras Traders Square, i felt a warm atmosphere with a modern contemporary ambiance.
Let's start my brunch with the starter, Fried Shishamo (RM13)
Shishamo fish is very common in Japan, it is a smelt fish filled with lots of tiny fish eggs and can be eaten from head to tail including soft bones. Deep fried it until they are golden brown on both sides, serve with house special mayonnaise.
Shake Sashimi RM35
 I'm so into their Shake Sashimi. As you can see from my photo, they serve in thick and massive cut! Where can you get such a thick cut of Salmon Sashimi at this price?! That decent thickness of fresh Salmon fat that brims with a subtle yet spiciness of their freshly grated wasabi, giving you the satisfying mouth-feel!
For those who dislike thicker sashimi piece, opt for their ladies size which is thinner than this.
Unagi Foie Gras Sushi RM 33
I can't wait to try this when i saw this in the menu! This is Hana Tei's best seller. 
It come with a generous cut of Unagi and thick Foie Gras on top of sushi rice, Foie Gras was seared with a blowtorch until beautifully caramelized.

Honestly, i can't eat it with one bite as it was really thick. The Unagi had a hint of sweetness with melt-in-the-mouth tender, beautifully melded together with the rich and creamy of the opulent foie gras while its juices emanated out and coated the entire sushi. It is simply to die for! 
Highly recommended from me!
Wagyu Teppanyaki RM120 (120g)
Simply cooked it on an iron griddle, to maximize the naturally great flavor of Wagyu beef by using minimal seasoning. Then, serve along with 2 different sauces which is miso sauce and yuzu sauce. Personally, i think it pair well with yuzu sauce, It was refreshing, zesty and enliven its rich umami and the exquisite taste of Wagyu.
Shake Lava Maki   RM30
If you’re a fan of spicy food, this new dish is a must-try. 
The maki rolled up with a big chunk of tempura shrimp, slice of avocado and covered with shake and give you a kick of spiciness by addinging hot sauce. I love the crunchiness of that succulent tempura shrimp. It's not overly spicy but you definitely don't need Wasabi anymore.
Ebi Motoyaki   RM38
Motoyaki is a style of cooking. Baked the large King prawn and topped with a creamy sauce. It was so succulent with a firm bite, such a delightful dish for prawn lovers.

Apart from ala carte, Hana Tei make the most out of your meal with these lunch sets, come with affordable price.
Moreover, you are not only enjoy the affordable lunch set but also certain discount apply based on the amount of people. The more people you bring, the more discounts to you. So worthy!
This lunch promotion is available on weekdays only, from 11am-3pm.
 I choose Sukiyaki Gozen at RM38
Set includes rice, chawanmushi and miso soup.
Beef, vegetables, shiitake mushroom, tofu, shirataki etc in sukiyaki broth served with raw egg. Thinly sliced beef absorb flavors beautifully while it slowly simmered with sweet salty broth with assorted vegetables.
  Matcha ice cream RM8
 Ume Jelly RM6
Japanese umeshu plum jelly is a refreshing way to end a meal. These jellies are slightly sour sweet and absolutely delicious.
Unlike to other Japanese cuisine, Hana Tei have a special offer that specially for corporate company. A perfect choice for your social activities and family gatherings.
Opt for good-quality Japanese food in the neighborhood to satiate your Japanese cravings? Hana Tei is the spot to go to without burning a hole in your pocket.

No. 9-G, Jalan Dataran Cheras 1,
Cheras Traders Square,
43200 Balakong, Selangor D.E.

Tel: +603-9082 1168
Mobile: 018-320 2257 (Farij)

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