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April 23, 2019

I always believe nurture inner beauty can boost self-esteem. 

Many of you may not be aware that what you are applying to your face is toxic substances, for example the foundation. It is not only will damaging your skin with those harmful chemical-ridden makeup but our skin will also absorbs those chemicals directly as skin is our body's largest organ. Please do always check the labels of the products you intend to use.
Recently, i've learn some inner beauty tips about how to feel beautiful with mineral makeup. 
KISS mineral, a cosmetic brand that combines both makeup and skincare benefits. 
The product range is including foundation, setting powder, blusher, vegan lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara sunscreen. Use only 100% pure premium natural ingredients, made in Australia with only top of the range, guaranteed non-toxic and free of synthetic and harmful substances. Also, proudly vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 

With gentle formulations that are designed specifically for troubled skin, their products also feature a blend of powerful vitamins and antioxidants that are also suitable to be used on all skin types. It's the most reliable makeup brand trusted by dermatologists and medical doctors.

     | What is Mineral Makeup? |      
100% pure mineral makeup has been around for thousands of years, gentle mineral ingredients have the ability to correct and perfect the complexion over time with consistent usage. Safe to use with immense nourishing benefits for the skin.

All ingredients used in KISS mineral formulations are derived from 100% pure natural minerals and mineral pigments that are carefully processed to very specific standards set by the Australian and the European Cosmetic Directives. 
Better yet, their 100% pure mineral ingredients are strictly not nanonized to safely adhere on the skin’s surface and form a protective barrier without entering cells and clogging pores. Moreover, it contains therapeutic benefits to calm and soothe any blemish, features natural anti-aging properties and naturally blocks the invasive sun rays with an SPF 24 rating.
     | Difference between KISS mineral and conventional makeup |      
Conventional cosmetic makeup contain preservatives and other chemicals like fragrance, dyes, preservatives and heavy metals, some irritation may occur. Some products may clog pores and cause breakouts, making your skin look aged and tired. Some even worst will cause hormonal disruptions.

KISS mineral on the other hand is safe and naturally masks skin imperfections. Be it sun spots, rosacea and acne, it gives you complete coverage without compromising the health of your skin. Their products have much longer shelf life and do not harbor bacteria, the period after opening for all these loose mineral cosmetic powders are technically 36 months. 
I've been trying their 2 star products (Premium Mineral Foundation and Premium Mineral Setting Powder) during the workshop and I absolutely love it. 

Made from pure minerals such as Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Ultramarine Blue, Tin Oxide and Calcium Carbonate, their foundation contains only 6 ingredients while the setting powder has 4 ingredients as a testimony to their simple formulations.

Do you know pure minerals can act as a protective shield for the face?
Due to their natural resistance to water, offer excellent water and sweat-resistant feature for longer-lasting coverage to help your makeup last all day. At the meanwhile, they are equipped with SPF24 sun protection to block out harmful UVA & UVB rays.
Premium Mineral Foundation
RM 98 
Made with only 100% pure Australian minerals, it is their bestselling product to delivers a gorgeous matte coverage to effectively cover imperfections and soothe blemishes for a flawlessly natural complexion.
Suitable for : any skin condition & all skin types
Twist the sifter to open position and gently tap on the back of the jar three times. The amount dispersed on the cap.
Look at the finely-milled powder! It is so lightweight and soaks up excess sebum for a silky matte finish while adheres to the skin’s surface.
Using the KISS mineral Premium Face Brush, gently press and rotate the brush to swirl the powder in, let the powder finely dispersed on the brush head.
Start buffing the powder onto the face, begin on the area of the face that needs the most coverage which is the nose and T-zone. Proceed to blend in circular motions for a flawless finish. Add extra coverage as desired.
 Experiment : I put some black dots using eye liner to prove how's the coverage of this foundation.
Result for coverage : medium
For the dark spots and acne, I will use concealer brush to tap the powder and put on the darker spot. Well~ You also can mix Premium Mineral Foundation with creams and moisturizers to liquidize it. 

Please take note : 
It is better to layer than trying to cover everything at once. Don't applying too much as a little goes a long way!
I didn't feel heavy or look caked after put on Premium Mineral Foundation, I feel my skin breathe throughout the day.

My skin is particularly oily especially under the weather recently, felt so hot during the day and thunderstorm coming in evening. I will set my makeup with Premium Mineral Setting Powder to help my makeup last all day.
 Premium Mineral Setting Powder
RM 98
This is another bestselling product. Made with only 100% pure Australian minerals, it helps to minimise pores and shine while giving your skin a gorgeous matte blurring effect that holds makeup in place.
 It is transparent powder.
 You can even apply it on your eyes to keep your eye makeup last longer.
This mineral foundation and Premium Mineral Setting Powder are assuredly free from harmful preservatives, stabilisers and any kind of chemical substance. Strictly no bulking agents and fillers in our formula as well—only 100% pure premium-grade minerals.
If you are looking for 100% pure and natural makeup that cares for your wellbeing, then KISS mineral is something worth considering. Mineral makeup helps conceal acne or skin issues, gives your skin a healthy, natural glow.

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