Papa Recipe's Honey Moist Skin Care

April 22, 2018

Papa Recipe is a Korean skincare brand that provide the true recipe of nature to bring out the natural beauty of your skin. Hence, Papa Recipe's products can be safely used by anyone no matter children or adults.
Recently, the ultimate sweet skin care solution - Papa Recipe's Honey Moist Skin Care range has just launched.
This decadent propolis-enriched products are full of nutrients to replenish, rejuvenate, and hydrate skin. 
Wondering what is the benefits of this delicious golden liquid can have on your skin? Honey contains natural sugars, like fructose and glucose, and essential vitamins and minerals. And, this sweet stuff is works wonders for your skin as it's rich in antioxidants and has antimicrobial properties.
Before the Papa Recipe event start, I had a hand paraffin wax session at Faire La Belle. That is a soft wax heated in a special paraffin wax heater and it is good for softening the skin on our hands. I felt totally pampered.
After that, we move on to the event place where is just a level upper from Faire La Belle.
Let's explore the full range of Papa Recipe's Honey Moist Skin Care, from cleanser, toner, emulsion to sunblock.
Bombee Honey Moist Soap  RM49 (100g)
It is a smoothly and richly lathering handmade soap that keepsdry skin moist without stripping.
Bombee Honey Moist Emulsion  RM74 (150ml)
BomBee Honey Moist Emulsion is a powerful hydration and moisturization that contains Queen's MultiComplex, Hyaluronic Acid, sage leaf extract to soothe and reduce irritation skin. 
Its lightweight texture that hydrate and moisturized skin at the same time for a healthy looking skin. 
 [ From the right to left ]
Bombee Honey Moist Skin   RM74 (100ml) 
Contains Queen's multi complex and nutritious honey, this is a moisturizing toner that immediately hydrates, moisturizes and firm the dry and parched skin.

Bombee Honey Moisture Cleansing Foam  RM59 (120ml)

Papa Recipe's Bombee Honey Moisture Cleansing Foam is made with all-natural ingredients such as honey and propolis as key ingredients directly from Mother Nature. This cleanser is highly recommended for people with dull and dry skin because it helps to fully nourishes and moisturizes the skin's layers thoroughly.

Bombee Honey Moist Cleansing Oil  RM69 (150ml) 
The lightweight and fresh BomBee Honey Moist cleansing oil removes base to point makeup in an easy manner and removes dead skin for smoother skin. BomBee Honey Moist Cleansing Oil contains Honey extract,Hyluronic Acid, sage leaf extract. 
BomBee Honey Pudding Cream   RM259 (135ml)
Bombee Honey Pudding Cream is enriched with organic propolis and honey extract, making it intensively hydrates, replenishes and nourishes skin. It builds up a barrier against possible irritants for stronger, healthier skin, and also locks in moisture. 
I was amazed at its pudding texture, it is like a jelly! 
This translucent pudding gives me a light cooling sensation when apply on my skin, and i didn't feel heaviness or stickiness on my skin. I can immediate see a healthy radiance, and feels plump and silky smooth after application.
Bombee Honey Moist Cream   RM94 (50ml)
It looks like a solid face cream but when i applied it on my hand, it spread smoothly and quickly absorbs into my skin without feeling greasy after that. It is a water drop-type moisturizing cream to hydrate dry skin with water droplets that burst when rubbed. 
Bombee Honey Moist Sun Essence SPF 50+/PA +++   RM74 (50ml) 
BomBee Honey Moist Sun Essence uses organic UV absorbers and protection boosting ingredients to aid in the blocking of UV rays. This lightweight and sebum control essence contains Honey extract, propolis extract and sea daffodil extract to-Protect skin and block UV rays from the sun.
Bombee Honey Moist Sun Stick SPF 50+/PA +++   RM59 (15g)
Bombee sun stick that gently melts onto your skin to seamlessly block UV rays. It can be quickly and easily used anytime, anywhere without leaving white residue. It also can use as makeup primer.
Head over to SaSa outlets and see what a touch of honey can do for your skin!
For more information of the brand, please visit :
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