[Beauty Review] AQUA DE LUCIR series by La' Piel Labs for intense hydration

May 17, 2021

I think i've always mentioned in my beauty review, that i have sensitive skin type. I used to have oily skin type on my teenage stage but as we age, sebaceous gland activity diminishes, while both the epidermis and dermis are thinned. My skin is dehydrated with a weaker defensive barrier and then more vulnerable to external aggressors, so I'm very prone to skin irritations and facial redness. But of course we can’t do much to change biology, so being the age that I am right now, choosing naturally derived and age-appropriate skincare products is essential for maximum skin health. 
So when i've received 2 signature products from La' Piel Labs recently, i am so excited to try it out. Frankly speaking, this brand is totally new to me, new to Malaysia market. 

La' Piel Labs is a premium naturalistic skincare brand from Korea that develops products with a fundamental approach to tackling skin concerns, all their cruelty-free and sustainable products are manufactured with over 90% naturally derived EWG All Green ingredients.

The AQUA DE LUCIR series by La' Piel Labs comprises 5 products, focused on providing :
- intense hydration 
- anti-aging
- repair damaged skin
- protects against blue light
- fortifies the skin barrier for moisture retention and wrinkle reduction

La' Piel Labs have bottled the vital power of a flower hidden under the waters, Blue Green Algae which found in pure lakes and holding onto its self-regeneration abilities through thousands of years. It can flourish your skin with a bloom of moisture.

A prerequisite for healthy, beautiful skin is an abundant supply of moisture, I have use the products for 3 weeks long and i am glad to found the solution of finding this moisture.

La’ Piel Labs Aqua De Lucir Hydro Softner   RM149

A unique toner that infused in 83% lavender flower water, it contains a suite of powerful and naturally derived ingredients like Blue-Green Algae Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Trehalose, Panthenol, and proprietary Botanic Complex. 
I would say this is one of my favourite toner, well~ i love turquoise colour and the products or bottles of Aqua De Lucir series are came into turquoise colour. Plus, this softner has a refreshing and calming flower scent that makes it a joy to use. I felt so relaxing when applied on my face. My habit is i will take a deep breath and relax when patting toner on my face as it will create a relaxing ritual of skin-care application that becomes quite meditative and second-nature. You can try it out =)

My skin needs extra hydration boost, and obviously this toner gets the job done, my skin feel soft and supple after using it. Thanks to a formula full of lavender flower water to refreshingly soothe dried-out skin, and the blue-green algae helps suppress the skin damages caused by active oxygen and restore any lost moisture and nutrients for the skin.
How to use :
After washing the face morning and night, apply a proper amount onto a cotton pad and gently wipe along with the skin texture. You may layer it 2-3 times even more dense moisture recharge.
When you need special care, you can utilize it as a quick soothing and moisturising mask by applying generously on cotton pad and leaving it on the skin 10-15 minutes.

La’ Piel Labs Aqua De Lucir Hydro Expert Gel Cream RM189

A gel-based cream that acts both as a daily moisturiser, as well as a night-use sleeping mask. It contains blue green algae, which fights skin damages caused by active oxygen and is rich in nutrients and moisture, to aid in skin hydration. While Raphanus Sativus (Radish) Seed Extract locks in moisture under the skin to deliver loads of hydration to create a luscious skin. 
Scent of gel cream is similar to the softner. The texture of the gel cream is more like watery based, i feel good when apply it on my face during day and night as it is absorbs fast into my skin without leaving sticky feel. (FYI, my T-zone is oily sometimes during noon time but this gel cream is just nice on my skin). For me, my skin soaks it right up.
How to use : 
As the final step of your skincare routine, take an adequate amount and gently apply to face along your skin texture to let it absorb. 
(don't forget to take care of your neck also)
When in need of nighttime care, you may utilise it as a sleeping mask by lathering on a more generous amount than you would when using as a daily cream.

After few days of usage, I noticed that my skin was so plump and smooth. It has evened out my skin texture, soothed the dryness and calmed my irritated facial skin. Applied it and i am amazed at how quickly it alleviates signs of stress like redness and inflammation, it really working well to replenishes moisture.

Skin barrier function weakens with age, when your skin’s barrier is defective, it might caused increased inflammation. But the good news is that slathering on a good moisturizer can help restore dehydrated skin. I've pleased with the La’ Piel Labs Aqua De Lucir Hydro Softner & Hydro Expert Gel Cream, ultimately leaving my complexion with a "glass skin"-like appearance instantly and over time. If you have suffering with dehydrated or sensitive skin problem, this is a universally good choice.

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