QUEENZ Mango XSliim, a botanical slimming beverage review

May 1, 2021

It's seem like a challenge while maintaining a healthy weight during this pandemic, agree? 
We can't always go for exercise like before lockdown, some of us are work from home but also further reduced physical activity.

So yay! I am telling you there is an effortless way that can help you to shed those extra pounds! 
QUEENZ Mango XSliim is back in Malaysia and Singapore. The QUEENZ brand was established in year 2020. The brand concept is to help more people solve the problem of obesity without facing the torment of dieting when there is no time to exercise. The QUEENZ brand aimed to brings the best quality at the most common price.
I've try Mango XSliim Slimming Juice for a week. I had Mango XSliim Slimming Juice every morning before my breakfast and true enough, I did not feel hungry even way after lunch time. I had my lunch too but i didn't eat more than usual as I felt full. I still ate regularly but my appetite was not as robust as before because XSliim can effectively help suppress appetite, increase satiety, and reduce calorie intake. So as for the slimming effect, I noticed a slightly slim down and I feel lighter. 
I have heard that some people had negative experiences when taking a slimming product, specifically regarding bowel movements but this product did not. I poop one time only right after 2 hours drink it. Thankfully, there were also no headaches, nausea or heart palpitations. On a side note, I was told that i need to drink more water, keep myself hydrated all the time and maintain at least 3 litre of water intake per day while consuming this product. 
As for the taste, it’s delectable and flavourful mango juice. It doesn't has unpleasant over-sweet taste. 
You just need to take 1 sachet in the morning, with empty stomach. 
Mix with 150- 180ml water, shake well using shaker. Avoid using hot water as it may destroy the ingredients, advised to use luke water or warm water for best result. 
QUEENZ’s flagship product, Mango XSliim Slimming Juice is a botanical slimming beverage mix with all-natural ingredients and does not contain any weight-loss banned ingredients. 

How does it help in weight loss is to break down and dissolve our body fat, enhance the body's metabolism, so that we can achieve the effect of weight loss without exercise. Let's have a look at the benefits of this botanical beverage mix mango powder with Gardenia Cambodia and Aloe Vera extract that help in promoting weight loss, along with a host of other benefits. 

The benefits of Mango XSliim Slimming Juice are not just limited to slimming effects, but it also helps in detoxification and conditioning. It can help to reduce three high main stages, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar, improve gastrointestinal function, increase intestinal motility to cure constipation. In addition, Mango XSliim can also help to detoxify the liver, prevent arteriosclerosis, anti-free radicals, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and achieve the effect of beautifying skin.

Mango XSliim Slimming Juice contains a variety of precious ingredients, includes:-

Mango Extract : Contains "Leptin" which is a protein hormone newly discovered in white adipose tissue. It is used to regulate fat storage and speed up the metabolism of organisms, suppress appetite and control weight.

Konak : rich in soluble plant fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduce harmful substances, prevent constipation and reduce intestinal fat absorption. Konjac helps to increase satiety, so that can reduce overeating and heat. Konjac is rich in glucomannan, which is fully demonstrated by the medical community to inhibit Cholesterol, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, dilating blood vessels, preventing arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels Systemic diseases have the effect of prolonging life.

Corn Fiber : can regulate the intestines, inhibit blood sugar rise, lower blood sugar Cholesterol and help balance blood lipid levels. 

Peach extract : Rich in fiber, pectin and other ingredients are good for food Decompose, promote intestinal digestion, strengthen intestinal peristalsis Movement and waste discharge.

Gardenia Cambodia : Suppress appetite, accelerate fat burning, Prevent fat production, especially belly fat.

Fructose : Sourced from natural fruits and grains, it is a healthy sugar that is not easy to cause high blood sugar, and is not easy to produce fat accumulation and gain weight.

Hoodie : Effectively suppress appetite to reduce food intake.

L-carnitine : Promote lipolysis and convert fat into energy, therefore Speed ​​up fat consumption and break down accumulated fat. 

Vitamin C : known well with its anti-oxidation, anti-free radicals, and whitening effect.

Tea extract : effectively stimulate fat oxidation and improve metabolism, It is particularly effective to eliminate fat on the waist.

Aloe extract : The function of detoxification and weight loss, on the one hand, can excrete the liver Toxic, lower blood sugar and improve the stomach.

Mango XSliim has obtained local safety certification, and has international SGS laboratory test reports, all of which are developed using all-natural raw materials imported from overseas. Therefore, even breastfeeding mothers after delivering or overweight children who need to lose weight are safe to consume.

QUEENZ Mango XSliim is available in convenient stick packs. Keep in the cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.
Net Weight: 15g x 15 Sachets per box

If weight loss is your primary goal, then QUEENZ Mango XSliim cannot be overlooked, this may be a good option for you. For purchase, login to website: https://queenz.asia/Product/ProductDetail?idn=1

By Queenz Malaysia
Unit No. C-23A-26, Kompleks Rimbun Scott Garden, 
No. 289, Jalan Klang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +6011-1860 7110

Official Website: https://queenz.asia/

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