Peach Jasmine Nitro Cold Brew Tea by THE COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF

April 11, 2018

On April, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CB&TL) new Nitro Cold Brew is taking Cold Brew to a whole new level with Peach Jasmine Nitro Cold Brew Tea! Yes, Nitro cold brew tea instead of Nitro cold brew coffee! 
Tea Master David de Candia rise to the challenge of creating an intense and flavourful beverage with high-quality ingredients, selecting green tea for its fresh flavour, balanced with the distinct aroma of jasmine flowers and the sweetness of peaches. Hence, Peach Jasmine Nitro Cold Brew Tea is a testimony to CB&TL’s dedication to innovation, a true blend of East meets West.
For those new to the Nitro phenomenon, Peach Jasmine Nitro Cold Brew Tea is served cold from a pressurised keg with a fizzy foam head. The Nitro creates a rich and creamy texture, even when served without milk, while the cold-brewing technique creates an intense flavour without bitterness so it’s delicious even without sugar! 
     | What makes Peach Jasmine Nitro Cold Brew Tea so special? |     
- The Green tea, comes from a family-owned estate in China that’s over 100 years old and harvested only between June and August. To ensure excellent tea quality, whole leaves are used instead of broken leaves for the best flavour profile, and CB&TL works directly with growers to ensure the benefits go directly to them; 
- Aromatic jasmine is used first to scent the tea leaves, by placing them over night blooming jasmine plants for seven nights, before hand-blending the carefully-selected jasmine flowers with the tea. 
- Fresh peach puree adds sweetness for a completely natural flavour that’s synonymous with spring; subtle variations in taste, colour and the slight cloudiness of the tea are the result of using authentic puree instead of syrup.
We are proud to know that Asia gets to enjoy this beautiful Peach Jasmine blend first, making it a unique experience for Malaysians and giving tea lovers a whole new way to enjoy their favourite beverage.
Price list of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Peach Jasmine Nitro Cold Brew Tea range :
Peach Jasmine Nitro Cold Brew Tea : RM13.50
Peach Jasmine Sparkling Iced Tea : RM13.90 (small) |  RM14.90 (regular)
Peach Jasmine Granita Tea Ice Blended : RM13.50 (small) |  RM14.50 (regular)
Peach Jasmine Iced Sweet Tea : RM13.50 (small) |  RM14.50 (regular)
Peach Jasmine Cold Brew Tea : RM10.50 (small) |  RM12.00 (regular)

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