Neutrogena® Hydrogel Masks and Capsule Sleeping Mask

December 11, 2017

Hey sweeties, i am so sorry that i got no time to update my beauty review as i got really many of food or lifestyle postings recently. Alright! Let's make this post short but informative hahaha...
If you are my Instagram follower (follow me if you are not =P), i almost update my photo everyday, no matter for the sponsored post/ review/ #ootd, i have to take pictures everyday. I am tiring to do this sometimes but this is part of my job, so i put full makeup on my face to make sure the result of photo shoot is perfect. *sorry for my aquarius bad personality haha!*

So, i can't survive if without face mask, i am 面膜狂人 (crazy to buy and use face masks). To me, face masks play an important supporting role in a great skincare routine, especially when i'm dealing with dehydrated skin. I'll apply mask 3 times per week to keeping skin looking glowing and hydrated.
Recently, i just received new masks from Neutrogena®
I tried, tested and reviewed, i found these products are not bad so want to share this information with you all. 
This is Neutrogena® first to introduce Hydrogel Technology in Mask, there are 2 types of face mask to suit your skin concerns. These 100% paperless Hydrogel mask can delivers stronger efficacy from its essence-gel making process as the gel can pack in much more nutrients than a cotton sheet. The serum is absorbed into your skin as the hydrogel melts to helps to keep your skin directly in contact for longer with the nutrients without evaporating as quickly as a cotton sheet would. Also minimizes dripping vs paper sheet masks. 
This 2 types of Neutrogena® Hydrogel Masks are only available in Guardian.
     | Benefits |     
• It is a gel, not a liquid! Loosing less from evaporation! 
• Good adherence on skin. 
• One mask equals to one bottle of hydrating serum in 15 mins. 
• Hydrogel cooling technology 100% made from active serum, provide instant cooling effect, can be kept in fridge for extra refreshment. 
• Moulds perfectly around face like a second skin. 
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrogel Mask  RM13.90 / pcs
• Contains 100% natural derived Hyaluronic Acid 
• Hyaluronic Acid replenishes moisture continuously, leaving skin optimally hydrated, radiant and supple.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Hydrogel Mask   RM13.90/ pcs
• Contains Niacinamide which leaves skin luminous and radiant looking 

Apart of face mask, Neutrogena® also launched the cute Capsule Sleeping Mask, perfect for you to carry this during outstation/ travel and can use it anywhere whenever your skin needs an instant boost.
The intensity of a hydrating facial for your skin, just small size as 10ml size ideal for on-the-go fix and multi-masking. Apply Neutrogena®Capsule Sleeping Mask for 15 minutes to get all benefits of a facial treatment. 
The Capsule Sleeping Mask is only available in Watsons. 
Neutrogena Fine Fairness Capsule Sleeping Mask 10ml    RM12.90
•A capsule sleeping mask pack with Niacinamide to make skin luminous and radiant looking.
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule Sleeping Mask 10ml    RM12.90
•A capsule sleeping mask pack with 100% natural origin Hyaluronic Acid to replenish moisture continuously, leaving skin optimally hydrated, radiant and supple
Suitable for 1 mask 1 day.  
Innovation usage on cream/gel type mask –a variety available for everyday-use. 
Traveling, mixing with oil boosters, and putting in freezer for cooling effect. There are many fun ways to enjoy capsule mask. 

I personally find the Neutrogena® Hydrogel Masks can completely calms my redness and itchiness caused by my dehydrated skin.
I felt like it did hydrate my face, even though sometimes i have some breakouts on my face. I enjoyed using this Hydrogel Masks, but found that it didn't really leave a lasting, hydrating feeling on my face. These jelly-like hydrogel sheet masks lock the moisture into your skin, my skin can always benefit from some extra hydration, suitable for all skin types. 
And then, i love to use Capsule Sleeping Mask every night for the double hydration. 
Trust me! It did a good job to keep your skin more hydrated, healthier and plumper. 

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