Goa by Hubba, the Goan-Indian Cuisine

December 4, 2017

Located in the brand-new Ramada Suites KLCC, Goa by Hubba is an oasis of Sins & Spices, tempting all to delight in their exotic Goan Inspired Cocktails and New Indian Cuisine. 
Goa, is a state in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea.
The atmosphere is rustic, indigenous with a touch of 'Desi'. 
 That is where Celebrity Chef Sapna comes in. 
She is the person who loves to share her food, her knowledge with everybody, her passion is absolutely infectious. Her menu is a veritable feast for the senses as she put her touch to bring out the vibrancy of the many spices and herbs used in the food. Her training in some of London's finest Indian restaurants plus her studies at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Le Cordon Bleu Bangkok ensures that every dish will certainly spice up your life. 
Mutton Floss Mantao
This is my favourite, i found that Mantao or Bao is the popular ingredients in this recent years. This steamed mantao bun stuffed with juicy and tangy slow cooked spiced mutton and fried shallots, pack a powerful burst of flavour in every mouthful. 
Tandoori Chicken Chop 
A popular aromatic Indian dish that marinated with tandoori spices, served with mint chutney. 
Roasted Chili Tomato Prawn Bruschetta 
Ghee roasted fresh water prawns served with homemade roasted chili tomato pesto on baguette.
Spiced Coconut Prawn
This succulent tiger prawn perfectly marinated in spiced coconut batter then deep-fried until golden brown to make and big on flavor. Served with chili mango salsa
Grilled Cauliflower with Smoked Sauce 
Grilled cauliflower served with a mild smoked fennel tomato sauce. 
Goan Beef Cutlet 
Goan style minced beef cutlet and served with roasted chili tomato dip.
Paneer Pizza 
This delicious Paneer Pizza is a must try for folks who like paneer, pizza and desi indian flavors. It is an fusion style pizza topped with paneer, bell pepper and onions, so flavourful! 
Kashmiri Lamb Chop
Lamb chop grilled with a blend of homemade spices, served with mint chutney. 

To complement this bold menu, Goa's mixologists fashioned new cocktails resplendent of spices that will given Hubba twist with local Goan fare like the rasam, raita and lassi.
Passion Play
Tequila, strawberry liqueur, passionfruit puree, lime juice, passionfruit, fennel seeds, cloves
Spiked Mango Lassi
Vodka, herbal liqueur, mango, mango puree, yogurt, chili padi, puffed black rice
 Rasam Shooter
Masala Mantra
Gin, lemon juice, chaat masala, cumin powder, black pepper, soda, salt
Pandan Pixie
Vodka, melon liqueur, pandan leaf, curry leaf, lime juice
Rootin Tootin 
Gin, lemon juice, ginger syrup, turmeric syrup, dash of cayenne pepper
Blue Basilico
Tequila, blackcurrant liqueur, blueberry puree, blueberry syrup, lemon juice, basil leaves, nutmeg
Goa by Hubba
No.1, Bukit Ceylon (Invito Suites Hotel), 
1 Lorong Ceylon, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6017-786 7611
Business Hours - Monday to Sunday : 8am - 1am 

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