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December 8, 2017

Caffeine junkie and dessert enthusiasts rejoice, Hoshino Coffee has finally landed in Mid Valley Megamall to offers us with a wide array of dishes and desserts that make up your mouth-watering menu!
Founded in 2011 in Japan, Hoshino Coffee growth to more than 180 outlets in Japan. Its venture out to the world has reached Singapore, South Korea, China and now, Malaysia. The first ever outlet is located in Mid Valley which is just next to the entrance of The Gardens Mall. 
The sparkling crystal chandelier caught my eye, so medieval and beautiful!
This is a double-storey contemporary Japanese cafe that exudes a sense of calm ambience with its casual decor of furnitures at the ground floor, whilst this upper floor exudes a posh and classy vibe that invites you to relax and sipping on the signature Hoshino Blend Coffee.
There is a kids room too!
It is the perfect place to enjoy an amazing lunch, dinner or dessert with a bunch of friends, family and colleagues! 
Look at my photos, isn’t this space ao Instagramable as every other corner would present a photo opportunity? Yay or no? =P
Hoshino Coffee is the culmination of the unique food menu created by Nippon Restaurant system who owns more than 30 dining brands. I have high expectations of the distinctive quality coffee as it brought by Doutor Coffee, who runs the largest coffee chain in Japan and has more than 50 years history of coffee roasting.
     | Signature Beverages |      
Hoshino Blend Coffee (Hand Drip Coffee)    RM12.90
Quality is never compromised as the premium hand-dripped coffee is prepared in detail for each cup of coffee. Hoshino Coffee uses specialty-grade Arabica beans which are carefully selected by their very own Coffee Maestro, Masahiro Kanno, which will then be freshly roasted at the outlet for it to retain its flavour and aroma. 
Coffee-lovers will appreciate the gentle acid and rich full body flavor and well balanced with a smooth sweetness mild taste.
To further enhance the taste, hot coffee is served in a preheated cup, while iced coffee is served in a copper mug to present the beverage in its best form. 
Japanese Milk Coffee   RM13.90
This is a must-try beverages when you are visiting Hoshino Coffee. The aromatic coffee has a well-rounded coffee flavour with a creamy base, infused with your preferred flavours as there are 4 flavours available (Raspberry Chocolate, Honey Nut, Mint Chocolate and Strawberry Banana), leaving your taste buds craving for more.
The Strawberry Banana is their best seller, so i decided to give it a try. It surprised me as i thought strawberry and banana should be the sweetest combination but the taste is refreshing and nice! 
Matcha Latte   RM14.90
Apart from coffee menu, Hoshino Coffee also provides a plenty of beverage options for non-coffee drinkers such as Japanese Tea, Fruit Tea, Smoothie Parfait, juice and Kirin Beer. 
This Matcha Latte has become my latest obsession, antioxidant-rich and dairy-free milk blend! Like the way they serve this Matcha Latte which they served in a Japanese tea cup with a glass of sugar syrup aside. To me, i prefer the natural sweeteners so i didn't add in the syrup and the taste is just nice.
     | Iconic desserts |     
Pot-Baked Soufflé    RM15.90
The superstar of the night! Highly recommended to you especially sweet tooth will surely satisfy with this sweet tooth light and airy Pot-baked Soufflé, there are 3 flavours available :
Vanilla with Custard Sauce / Vanilla with Chocolate Sauce / Matcha
Please take note, you need to wait about 20 minutes for the soufflé, but it is totally worth it!
The soufflé's texture is so fluffy, every spoonful is so sinful and taste like cloud in the mouth.
Pancake Soufflé (Double) RM18.90
Another type of soufflé but this is thick, yet fluffy version. Add some sweetness with drizzle of maple syrup on it because this Pancake Soufflé is lack of sweetness.
French Toast  RM17.90
     | Main Dishes |     
Hoshino Spaghetti with Eggplant, Chicken Bacon, Shimeji & Chicken Sausage    RM19.90
This signature Hoshino Spaghetti is my most favourite! 
If you have been Japan before, you might notice there are many “pasta restaurants” in Japan. But also more Japanese flavored with their own kinds of pasta. With lots of savoury condiments that have strong flavor and saltiness, then simply seasoned with soy sauce. One of my favourite way's to eat this pasta is with blend the pasta and condiments into the ooey gooey egg! 
Salmon Spaghetti with Wasabi Cream Sauce  RM26.90
We enjoyed this, just the right kick. This spaghetti looks like carbonara, but the sauce is wasabi cream sauce instead of carbonara sauce. It was lighter but flavorful, the kick of the creamy wasabi spread was nice with the meaty flavors of the salmon slices.
Seafood Paella   RM26.90
Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice with Chicken   RM23.90
For myself, Japanese Chicken Curry Rice always is comfort food at its best! Unlike to our Malaysian's curry, Japanese curry gravy is more to a mild rich and fragrant taste, loaded with tender hunks of chicken, it is so yummy and filling.
Cheesy Chicken Cutlet Platter (With Rice or Toast)   RM29.90
The ambience of Hoshino Coffee is posh and chic, great for dates or gathering in a cozy environment,. The price list is quite reasonable, if for casual dining at a nice fancy restaurant like this. Try imagine to spend your day soaking in the ambiance and sipping the aromatic coffee at Hoshino Coffee without hurting the wallet. Oh my.... what a relaxing day!

Hoshino Coffee
No.27-G, Ground Floor, The Boulevard,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603-2391 9020

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