MOLPay CASH x HERMO, brings you quick & hassle free payment method!

September 14, 2016

Are you a shopper at HERMO? I have credit card and internet banking, it is not a problem for me to do online shopping but i used to have phobia when do some online purchase because i afraid of frauds to pay with credit card at online platform. Also sometimes i do not have enough balance in my internet banking account, i am too lazy to go out bank in cash into my banking account and place the same order again. Hence, i am not keen to online purchase until i came across MOLPay. 
Have you ever heard of MOLPay
MOLPay is a Southeast Asia’s leading payment solutions provider. MOLPay offers a wide range of e-commerce payment solutions which is from online payment acceptance and processing, fraud management and also payment security. MOLPay also achieved one of the lowest dispute transaction ratio in the online payment industry. 
Why introduce MOLPay to you? 
Cater for student or customers without a debit/credit card, Internet banking! 
With MOLPay, consumers can now pay cash at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets for items they bought online. 
7-Eleven is the country’s largest convenience store chain. Everyone knows that it is open for 24 hours and you can easily find it at your neighbourhood, it is everywhere in every city and small town, so you can enjoy 24 hours of payment convenience.
Step-By-Step Guide of MOLPay CASH x HERMO
Step 1 : Shopper shops at HERMO website
Proceed to checkout and select MANUAL TRANSFER as a payment method, after that click "order now".
* You will see your order status is "unpaid". 
Step 2 : Click on "Pay RMxxx using MOLPay" .
Step 3 : HERMO initiates payment request to MOLPay E-Commerce Service. 
Click on "Payment Option" and you can see there are few option to choose, click on "7-Eleven". 
Step 4 : Check details carefully, then proceed.
Step 5 : MOLPay generates Transaction ID and Verification Code to shoper.

Step 6 : Shopper take the picture or print out the Transaction ID and Verification Code to 7-Eleven outlet (with MOLPay logo ) to make cash payment.
* Note : You have 48 hour to make payment. Otherwise your order will be void.

Once the payment amount has been confirmed and paid, 7-Eleven staff will issue MOLPay receipt and 7-Eleven receipt (2 receipts).
MOLPay updates HERMO on the payment status.
Everything is just too convenient and efficiency! I received my parcel from HERMO within 3 days! 
In good condition. =)
With this convenient, easy, quick & hassle free payment method, I can enjoy this secure online shopping at HERMO with MOLPay service without worries! 
Now you can enjoy RM5 off with minimum RM60 purchase (excluding shipping fee) by entering this code: 

* Voucher discount valid from 01/09/16 - 31/12/2016.
* Offer is only valid for one-time usage only per customer during the offer period.
* Not applicable to items as featured in OMO deals, and not valid with the usage of other promotion codes.
* This voucher is not applicable during any promotional events. reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without further notice.
Hope you enjoy your shopping spree at HERMO! 
Please refer to product page link at below for more details. 

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