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September 15, 2016

Recently, i had my hair professionally colored in ash and now faded to blonde. Well, i pretty satisfied with my blonde hair now because looks shiny and lustrous. However, to create this fashion color on my hair, i can't escape from the chemical process like bleach. Of all colouring methods, bleach is potentially the most damaging, no matter how professionally to handle this, it is damaged still. Our scalp is essentially made of the same basic proteins as our hair, it's likely to experience some skin discoloration along any area of the scalp that comes into contact with the bleaching solution. Hence, i need to go for scalp treatment always to protect my healthy scalp. 

This time, i was invited to Miracle Hair Expert at IOI Mall Puchong for my scalp treatment. 
Miracle Hair Expert (MHE) is a hair care centre with a professional team of hair care and hair treatment experts & specialists with 10 years history to help more people with hair at affordable pricing in Malaysia. 
Dedicated in research efforts upon the trichology discovery, the ingredients of natural treatments are made from quality herbal extracts without any harmful chemical, its’ specified formula is tested and developed in Japan. 
Hair loss is a big worry to many people, factors such as stress, poor nutrition, weather, usage of unsuitable hair care products etc are causing more hair problems. Also, if you are facing these kind of problem (Dandruff, oily scalp, hair fall, scalp itchiness), there are the early signs or symptoms of hair loss.The awareness about hair loss is at an all-time high though the demand for hair loss treatments is growing in Asia & Malaysia, the age affected is getting younger and overall hair loss incidents for all ages and genders are escalating year by year. 

To know our hair conditions and get the right diagnosis, it’s suggested to go for a detailed hair / scalp check half or at least once a year. 
Let's start with scalp analysis before treatment. After that, the consultant will recommend the correct treatment and solution according to the cause of the problem. Scalp analysis assists in identifying skin-related issues like hair shaft defects, clogged follicles, scalp dehydration, sodium buildup, dirt, fungal and bacterial infections and some nutrient deficiencies. 
Alright, this is my scalp analysis.
Hmm... i have clogged follicles issues and oily scalp on top of my head. Yea~ hair fall problem on top of my head is the major problem, other part still alright, is this consolation? LOL! 
The consultant advised me to wash my hair daily and keep my scalp clean, also go for scalp treatment once in a month. 
She recommended Advanced growth system (AGS) treatment for me, it is able to rescue drastic hair loss problems, male pattern hair loss problem, female pattern hair loss problem, alopecia areata as well as post-natal hair loss problem. 
Benefits of Advanced growth system (AGS) treatment
• Deep follicle cleansing

• Eliminate excessive dandruff and flakes from the scalp

• Follicle repairing
• Strengthen weak hair follicles and baby hair to encourage hair growth
• Growth stimulation

• Hair loss prevention
I was served a cup of warm herbal tea that is good for hairs.
Began with hair wash, using Detoxify Shampoo to deeply cleans and effectively remove excess oil from hair follicles and balance out secretion from sebaceous glands. After that, change to Herbal Hair Shampoo to relaxing and repairing my scalp. I was quite enjoy the petrissage (scalp massaging technique), i feel so comfortable with her medium pressure petrissage. This can stimulate blood-flow to the scalp encouraging healthy hair and scalp, also removes dirt.
After hair wash and rinse. She towel-dired my hair then proceed to next step.
She apply Miracle Hair Expert's special herbal solution directly to my scalp, gently massaged so that it will saturate all over the hair to clear the clogged follicles. So far i didn't feel any uncomfortable or tingly during the process.
Followed by a steam therapy for 15 minutes to rejuvenate my scalp. Steaming your hair is like taking a hot bath that cleans from the inside out. Steaming will cause pores open and helps push any dirt and debris out. 
Immediately, my scalp was applied with the Young Hair Essence, massaged it to nourish scalp as soon as possible. Then spray with hair mist to complete this treatment. 
Estimated this treatment took about 1 hour. 

After AGS treatment, i was requested to do scalp analysis again, to make sure is this really efficient? 
Hmm.... what a big different?! This AGS treatment is excellent! From the picture, you can see my hair follicles is clean and clear. But it is not good enough, at least i have to go for this treatment few times for the best result. 
It will really soothe my head, my scalp felt so great, hair looks healthy and bouncy after this treatment.

Do you know if without proper diagnosis of one’s specific problems, seeking traditional methods or visit hair salons may worsen their conditions with unsuitable or chemical-based solutions. your problems may get worse with the wrong solutions. According to Hair Experts, by doing annual hair & scalp check can reduce hair problems by 60%. It is importance of doing an Annual Hair & Scalp Check (at least once a year) to ensure the health condition of their scalp and seek necessary solutions if required. 
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