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September 1, 2016

Most girls tend to have a habit of doing too much to their hair, they overworked heat-styling, coloring, and styling products that caused hair breakage and straw-like hair. But don't forget to giving your hair a break, do hair treatment often to load up on moisture, with a professional hairstylist. 
I've recently bleached and toned and dyed my way too Ash. The key to keep hair color vibrant for as long as possible and keep it looking shinny fabulous, make sure the hair you’re coloring is in good condition. Hence, apply a hair treatment at least once a month to help lock in the moisture. 
This time, i am going to try out Milbon Deesse's salon treatment. With just 3 steps, quick and easy to repair your hair by supplying moisture and nutrition effectively! 
Thanks to Milbon's exclusive partner in Malaysia, I was invited by Nekderx to enjoy a hair pampering session at Hair By Martin salon which located at Bandar Manjalara.
When i stepped in the salon, "wao!" it is my favourite Baroque decor! 
Took a "Before" picture first. 
Milbon Deesse's -μ Salon Hair Treatment 
It is a quick 3 step salon treatment system that improves the quality of hair without a greasy feel, creates an incredible feel, bringing about consistent silkiness and a rich touch right to the tips of the hair. Designed as an additional service to salons normal offerings of cut, color, blow dry and other chemical services. Each step of the product gives a different aroma pleasant to let customer experience the professional hair treatment in a relaxing atmosphere. 
Suitable for any hair type especially coarse and fine hair.
The treatment took about 10-15 minutes, quick but intensive treatment. 
Before proceed to step 1, i was consult by their hairstylist to examine the condition of hair and damage level. 
Step 1
Apply step 1 cream evenly through hair. It contains amino oils, which smoothes out the bumps on the surface. I was so enjoyable while i smell the citrus fruity scent (orange + grapefruit) from this product, so refreshing!
Step 2
Apply step 2 from hair ends and massage until hair soften. Comb through. The hydrophilic water-based polymer can capture and locks moisture in the hair. The ionic effect of combining with Step 1 amino acid oil, provide moisture to dry and damaged hair, especially at the hair ends. The fragrance of this product is juicy citrus (lemon + lime). Steam my hair for 10 minutes. After that, rinse it. 
Step 3
Proceed to step 3. Apply 3rd step cream evenly, comb well and massage. Step 3 product helps the cream smoothen the top coat over the moisture veil, protecting the hair after treatment. Just sit at there, relax and enjoy the pampering. Lastly, rinse again then blow dry.
Scent : flora fruity (rose + jasmine)
Bowie's review
Honestly, i don't go for hair treatment too often because lack of patience while the hair treatment take too long to proceed. Deese's Treatment provides a consistent richness and silkiness down to the tips of the hair, whole process only spent my time 15 minutes! (apart from blow dry). Best solution for OL and busy people who wish to maintain their healthy hair. The improvement is very significant as we can see from the pictures above, it made my hair feel really soft and manageable. 
The most obvious part is my hair color become much more shiny and lustre!
When ideally nourished, my lengths stay shiny and color remains vibrant, for longer.
Do you know why i am big fan of Milbon's product? Because all of their products have a pleasant fragrance, this smells so good! It literally made my hair healthier than it should after I bleached my hair 1 month ago. 
Let's check on the video, my hair is so bouncy and smooth after Deese's Treatment! Lovin' it!! 
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