Batman v Superman premier movie date with Perfecto Popcorn

April 3, 2016

We can't deny that popcorn and movies is the perfect pair. When we go to cinema watch a movie, popcorn is always the best treat and I’m one of those movie-goers who just love to munch on popcorns which can enhance the movie experience in the cinema.
What’s a perfect cinema experience without a bag of fully coated popcornPERFECTO comes with 3 classic flavours and they are fully coated in every piece!
Choose from Ultimate Caramel, Chocolate in Love, and French Vanilla.
The packaging looked pretty fancyas if you’re holding a real popcorn bucket.
For your info, PERFECTO is the only brand in the market that offers an exciting range of potato crisps that feature nothing less than authentic recipes and fresh garnishing. 
This time, we indulged in yummy PERFECTO Popcorn treats while we watch the long-awaited Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice thanks to PERFECTO Popcorn and Luxe, TGV cinema.
Story line: It's been nearly two years since Superman's (Henry Cavill) colossal battle with Zod (Michael Shannon) which destroyed the city of Metropolis. The loss of life and collateral damage left many feeling angry and helpless, including crime-fighting billionaire Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck). Convinced that Superman is now a threat to humanity, Batman embarks on a personal vendetta to end his reign on Earth, while the deviousLex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) launches his own crusade against the Man of Steel.

You are wrong if you compare this superhero movie with other recent Marvel-derived movies. Overall, this movie is a straight-up action packed movie where the storyline is quite clear anddirect. One of my favorite moments was when Wonder Woman turned up and she quickly became the highlight of the movie for me. Even without a backstory, her appearance brought a breath of fresh air to the movie. 
I had a great time with the PERFECTO popcorn while enjoying this superhero movie. I just can't stop eating it!
What made this PERFECTO popcorn so amazing? Well, PERFECTO popcorn is fully coated with delicious flavors compared to the ones sold out there. I thought that it might not be as crunchy as it’s packed in a sealed packaging but I was wrong! It was so flavourful, crispy and crunchy!! 
My favourite flavour is the Ultimate Caramel. It is sweet, aromatic and packed with rich caramel flavor. Let me know what's your favourite flavor after you've tried it?
PERFECTO Popcorn is an affordable snack, available nationwide.
Small pouch (85g) : RM4.50 / pack
Big pouch (160g) : RM7.50 / pack

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