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February 23, 2016

Japan, is one of my favourite country to travel. I have visited Japan several times, family trip to Hokkaido / Tokyo/ Osaka/ Kyoto/ Nara (with travel agency's tour guide) and free & easy with my friends to Fukuoka/ Hiroshima/ Kyoto/ Osaka/ Kobe since 3 years ago. I miss there soooooo much!!! and... I will be going again on April because it is sakura season! I can't wait to share my wonderful pretty pictures with all of you. =) April is a super peak season for all hotels in Japan, 95% hotels already fully book when i check last week (hmm... i admit i am too last minute to search hotel because of miscommunication with my sister). Seriously, i spent 3 days 3 nights to search hotel for my April trip and finally done! 
During Chinese New Year, i was invited to a gathering to discover Keio Plaza Hotel with the team from Tokyo Luxey and representatives from Keio Plaza Hotel. After this gathering, i was trying to book this hotel but there only left those very expensive room on my selected date *sob sob*
Why i wish to book Keio Plaza Hotel? 
Strategic centralized location
The Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo is the ideal location to explore the delights of the city of Tokyo. Located in Shinjuku, in the very heart of the Tokyo metropolis, the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo extends top rated services and facilities, features that guests come to expect of a world class hotel. 
Only minutes away from the most popular shopping and entertainment spots, 5-10 minutes walking distance from JR line (Shinjuku satiation), this is the most important one! If you never visit Tokyo before OR planning to go Tokyo, please bear in mind that Shinjuku is the most popular shopping and entertainment spots so try to book hotel at this area and you can save a lot of time and money on public transportation. 

Keio Plaza Hotel = small city?! 
Keio Plaza Hotel offers a wide variety of home-away-from-home hospitality, with 1,437 luxury guest rooms included Universal Designed room to choose from to accommodate your every need. 
Universal Designed room

After hours, you can continue to work at a fully equipped business center or from the warmth of your room, which conveniently offers 24-hour complimentary high-speed Internet access. In Keio Plaza Hotel, there are a lot of cultural and modern events happening. 
As one of the "Tokyo Disney Resort Good Neighbor Hotels", Keio Plaza Hotel offer complimentary shuttle bus service directly from our hotel to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.This hotel has all the facilities you need, it just like a small city! 
Note : It is a Muslim friendly hotel with prayer rooms, to prayer materials and halal food are available to cater for Muslim tourists. 

Food Heaven
You can't miss out their All-you-can-eat "Sweets Buffet", so tempting!

Hinamatsuri (Girls' doll festival) Exhibition
The time-honored hina-matsuri festival is a special springtime occasion for families to pray for the good health and growth of their female children. Every February and March, the Keio Plaza Hotel's renowned hina-matsuri event delivers all the splendor of brilliant exhibits and hina-matsuri restaurant specials. Some 6,000 handmade silk dolls---charms believed to bring good luck to girls---hang in the hotel's public spaces. A fascinating, meticulously crafted set of dolls brings the medieval Japanese court to life in miniature. This year, particular focus is placed on different ways of gift wrapping(origata) and knotting(musubi), which are used in hina-matsuri ornaments. We hope our exhibits will allow you to gain a new perspective on Japanese sensibilities. The Keio Plaza Hotel is truly without parallel when it comes to experiencing authentic Japanese culture.

Hello Kitty rooms
Keio Plaza Hotel is proud to introduce their original hotel rooms decorated with the globally loved Hello Kitty! There are ONLY two different HELLO KITTY theme rooms are available : Princess Kitty and Kitty Town room. 
To be mentioned, all Hello Kitty in Keio Plaza Hotel are specially designed and ONLY LIMITED to Keio Plaza Hotel as you can see this hello kitty is with eye lash and blusher. *so cute*
Accommodation Packages ranges from 24,800 yen per pax inclusive of Hello Kitty breakfast room service. Girls will shout out loud when see this cutie breakfast hahaha! Oh ya! one more attraction is Guests of Hello Kitty room can take Hello Kitty amenities go home such as Original Hello Kitty doll, Hello Kitty plastic bag and Hello Kitty pen. * don't... don't shout again* Because there are only 2 Hello Kitty rooms in this hotel, so please book in advance to avoid disappointments, i heard they said Taiwanese love this rooms. 
Enjoy a world of dreams with HELLO KITTY!

Experience your own Japanese Wedding Kimono
The beautiful traditional Japanese wedding Kimono is usually only available to brides holding a Japanese wedding ceremony in Japan. But now you can have this luxurious and unique experience to make your Japan trip even more memorable!! I am single but i wish to try, can i??? please~~~~

* Advanced reservation is needed.
* This special experience is only available for hotel guests.

For the complete kimono experience package, fees ranges from 32,000yen (women)- 32,400 (men), special couple package- 54,000yen
Nice to meet the representives of Keio Plaza hotel, Sunaho Nakatani and Junko Saito, hope to meet yours again in Japan =)
Well, this blog post couldn't summaries all the attraction of Keio Plaza Hotel like their traditional tea house, shopping center (inside the hotel), hotel facilities, 20 restaurants and more...Hope i got a chance to visit and stay at this hotel so i can share more information with you. =)
Keio Plaza hotel
Tel : +81 3-3344-0111
official website:
Latest update @ Facebook : Keio Plaza Hotel

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