All-you-can-eat RM24.90+ per pax ONLY @ The BBQ Pit, Lake Fields

February 25, 2016

Since when is your last BBQ? I usually BBQ at my house because i can have fun together with my furkids and friends, when age growing up and everybody is getting busier with their life, my last BBQ with friends is 2 years ago and 1 year ago with my furkids (ya... crazy like me held an BBQ with 2 humans 2 dogs at home hahaha! * the humans are my sister and me *) 
Recent years, BBQ restaurants and all-you-can-eat places are popping up in town. Most of the BBQ restaurant is indoor or Korean BBQ (indoor also), but i don't like to indoor BBQ, no syok at all! Hey! there is no better way to gather a group of friends and family together than around an outdoor barbecue pit! 
So, where got this outdoor BBQ? WooHoo!!! I found this new BBQ at Lake Fields!!
The BBQ Pit is a new addition to Buns & Meat, Robin is the owner of Buns & Meat was transform their outdoor become an outdoor barbecue area with simple set up: just put a grill and a dining space where you like. *If you haven't visit Buns & Meat or Bites Cafe, please check here and here.* It became a popular place now and crowded every weekends, i would advise you to call for reservation first, if not you might need to wait for a long queue. =)
The BBQ Pit offer extremely cheap all-you-can-eat BBQ with good quality foods and good taste, price of all-you-can-eat BBQ is ONLY RM24.90++ per pax for 100 minutes!!! Soooo Cheappppp!!! Haiz... nowadays even though you go to Oldtown eat their lunch set also need to pay RM15+ , sad thing...
This is what you get for the RM24.90++ all you can eat BBQ : Cheese mussels, fresh prawns, chicken, pork, marinated Korean pork belly, bacon enoki rolls, assorted vegetables/mushrooms.
The BBQ Pit is using good quality charcoal, no doubt food cooked from the flames of good quality charcoal always taste better! 
Don't miss out their signature chili dip!It is THE BOMB! amazingly works very well on seafood, meat and vegetables. 
* For premium foods like oysters, scallops, lamb, beef or crabs, this all are ala carte items for advance order. 
Price is NOT included drinks.
Foods on the grill are best served as is with a swipe of delicious homemade sauce, it's kinda like teriyaki sauce, add more flavour on the food.
Chicken is tender and juicy. * but also depends how you cook la =P*
Actually all foods are so delicious, hahaha! 
My favorite is bacon enoki rolls, It's just bacon wrapped enoki but the taste is excellent! I like that grilled mushroom, pumpkin, handmade chicken ball and sweet potato also, sweet potato is slightly cooked by The BBQ Pit before served to let customer grill it easily.
I had a gathering there with a group of good friends before Chinese New Year, oh yea! and hang out together with Robin haha... we grill, we eat, we laugh, we enjoy the breeze blows, what a great night! 
hmm... to protect her "professional reputation" LOL!  
Well~ if you're don't know when the foods are cooked, do opt for help and their staff will assist you. 
Thanks to the boss Robin, we had mango snow ice to complete our dinner, this is their new dessert but haven't launch yet. This mango snow ice served with freshly cut mango cubes and popping mango QQ balls, snow ice is smooth enough that they melt in the mouth, fluffy like cotton candy. One interesting thing is the addition of the popping mango QQ balls, once i bit into and popped these mini balls, mango syrup burst out in my mouths,seriously i don't mind to having more of these QQ balls LOL! I'm really rating this mango snow ice, such a perfect dessert after hot BBQ dinner!

1. If you are looking for a good place to enjoy outdoor BBQ and comes with a budget, The BBQ Pit comes highly recommended.
2. Even though only RM24.90++ per pax, but with good quality and delicious foods. Bon appetite!
3. Must try: bacon enoki rolls, mushroom, pumpkin, sweet potato, handmade chicken ball.

The BBQ Pit
72A Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lake Fields Sungei Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Operating hours: Daily 5pm - 12am 
Tel: 03-9055 3378

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