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July 18, 2015

Chilling at this comfortable coffee shop in a hot afternoon with my friend. Usually if i don't have any event to attend at nearby, i will not visit this area because it is pretty far from my house. AMPM cafe located at USJ21, right next to Main Place Mall.

AMPM cafe designed with a rustic interior concept, brings the great outdoors, indoors reflecting a sustainable, organic cozy environment. I don't feel the time goes fast when i was sitting there, AM / PM ? i don't know if i didn't look at outside =P
Long Black    RM 9
Pancakes with Banana    RM 17

It is pancake but taste not like a pancake, LoL! 
It is more like a cake, thick and fluffy like a cake, taste like vanilla cake also. The soft banana pancakes serve with rich and thick caramel sauce, banana pancake and caramel sauce is a match made in heaven. But i can feel milky taste in my mouth when i take a bite of this (i don't like milk), actually not too bad but i just can't finish it even though i was hungry and this is my first meal of the day.

Signature Breakfast RM 25.90

AMPM served all-day-long breakfast. As you can see from my picture, is the plate too small for this breakfast? OMG! Signature Breakfast is jumbo portion if compare with the big breakfast that we normally eat. Baked sweet potato, baked cheesy tomato,sautéed mushroom, spicy kidney beans,fresh salad vegetable,spicy sausage and the runny poached eggs. WOAH! can you finish it? It is definitely worth the money!
As a blogger, i love to read blog and found there are some bad comment of the pancakes when it just opened. Glad to know they are really improve a lot on their foods and plate presentation skill, food and price is just nice for me and i will go back again because i like the ambiance. 

11A, Jalan USJ 21/5, Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-8081 9121

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