[Beauty]Shiro Waki Hime,Whitening armpits in 30 seconds!

June 23, 2015

It's S U M M E R ! Although Malaysia is 365 days in hot weather but we loves to go beach during mid year, don't know why? hehe...
So, girls are busy to remove their body hairs such like armpit, legs and bikini line, go buy bikini (because a lot of pretty bikini released during this season), buy sunscreen, buy big big hat and big big sunglasses, beach bag, flash tattoos (may be?), all set and get ready for this summer! But wait... do you know a lot of girls facing "dark armpits" problem? What is that? i shaved my armpit what?!!If you google or put “armpits” on search engine, some related words such as “dark armpits” will come up automatically, which shows many people have problems with dark armpits. Especially, women over 30 who less-frequently turn over have problems for dark armpits by dead skin and clogged pores with dirt and sebum by the friction of razors, damaged pores from stains of inappropriate clothing, or also caused by ingrown hair. Don't ignore it ok! it will get darker skin as the years go by if you don't ever think of solve this problem!
Shiro Waki Hime (Princess) has landed at all SaSa Shop Malaysia, it is a care product for underarm and is the best seller in catalog shopping and mail order. Shiro Waki Hime effectively whitening armpits by peeling and foundation effects in 30 seconds ONLY! Wao! it is so suitable for me the lazy girl and busy women=P
Firstly adsorb dirt by clay component, then peeling dead skin by fruit acid, after that white coating with make-up effects and last high moisturising effects by hyaluronic acid and squalene.
Instant whitening effect of Shiro Waki Hime by Titanium Oxide which has colouring and covering power by high refractive effect, it is normally used for cosmetics and food since it is harmless on human body.
How it works?
  • If you experience any rash, itching, redness, swelling, irritation or inflammation, stop using the product immediately and consult doctor.
  • Do not forcibly rub as it could harm the skin
  • Do not use the product after revive and depilate hairs
With helps of Shiro Waki Hime, i can no longer to worry to show my underarm blackheads by shaving and nervous about wearing sleeveless shirt....woohooo!!! 
Shiro Waki Hime
Functions:Peeling + Moisturizing + Foundation for dark armpits 
Price : RM 59 per unit

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/SaSaMalaysia

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