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June 11, 2015

When I think of Burt's Bees®, it means 100% natural beauty care product, expect the scent and texture of the best nature has to offer. From their well-known products like Lip Balm, Body Wash, or Facial Cleanser, and now Burt's Bees® is bringing good news to us, Burt's Bees® lip crayon is finally landed at Malaysia! (Hey! there is a special discount of Burt's Bees® lips color for you! keep reading ok!)
So excited to got an invitation from Burt's Bees® Make Your Lips Smile Blogger Party at M Marini Caffe KLCC, playing with their newest addition lip color range and enjoy our Hi-Tea at this beautiful elegant caffe, thanks Burt's Bees® for pampering us, you are really keep us smiling =)
Do you know why your lips always dry out faster and become chapped more easily? The skin on your lips jas a very weak barrier function and difficult to protecting itself, so please don't skip your lips when you are doing beauty routine head to toe. Trends start from last year, there are almost 7 out of 10 girls are wearing lipsticks. Well, me too! LoL! Lipstick is something we eat, but is your lipsticks made from safe ingredients which no harm? Burt's Bees® lip products are 100% natural with the nourishing benefits of botanical oils, butters and waxes.
Burt's Bees® is introducing moisture-rich wear lip crayons with 6 creamy, full-coverage shades of matte lip color in crayon style for truly beautiful lip color. No added flavour or fragrance, lightweight moisture with Shea Butter, Kendi Oil and Jojoba oil, it is for everyday wear, either use it alone or layered under a lip gloss or lip shine.
Just twist the bottom of lip crayon to push out, i love the smoother texture when apply on my lips. I want my lip color sharp enough so i apply many times but no matter how many times i apply, i can feel my lips is soft and moisture with the beautiful color! After apply lip crayons, put similar color lip gloss on it for the best result, two colors are always better than one right? =P
*Tips : When you're layering lip colors, it's best to start with the products that has the most matte finish or the richest color. So lip crayons are always going to be applied first, and then topped with any of Burt's Bees® lip color products. 
Besides of lip crayons, there are another lip products such as tinted lip balm, lip shine, lip shimmer and lip gloss.
From the basic care, you must have a lip balm with you everyday.Looking for intense conditioning with a hint of color? 
Tinted lip balm comes in 9 shades, combination of Botanical Waxes and subtle shades take your lips to lovely in one pretty swipe.
Available in 12 shades, 100% natural pearlescent lip glosses deliver rich pearled color with high impact shine and also moisturising your lips with sunflower seed oil and nourishing Beeswax. 
Dislike lip gloss because too shiny? Take a look of lip shine which is slightly low profile, comes in 6 shades for a sweet touch of sheer color that finishes with a breathtaking glassy moisturised shine.Apricot Kernal Oil in lip shine that'll help moisturise lips without leaving them feeling oily.
Looking for refreshing and a smooch of luminescent color? Lip shimmers give your lips vibrant with the added care of natural softening anti-oxidants. Ingredients like Vitamin E nourish lips and peppermint oil invigorates with a tingle and it is available in 12 shades. I like their peppermint smell, feel so so relaxing~~
I was using color Napa Vineyard (lip crayon) and apply lip gloss after that, looks nice? I love it so much!this red I've been looking for long time and doesn't dry out my lips,something i had never try before =) 
The lighting of M Marini Caffe is quite yellowish so i took a picture again when out from carpark. Oh~~~ sunshine always the best "lighting" for selfie =P
Let's me show you this 4 colors of lip crayons.
Without apply anything on my lips. 
* ignore my tiring face, just back from beach trip ><!
Color : Carolina Coast
Color tone is lighter and suitable for someone looking for natural look.
Color: Niagara Overlook
More to like carol color, if you would like to have lips color same with my picture, you have to apply more.
Color : Hawaiian Smolder
A sweet pink for your dolly girl looks, make it stand out with a sweep of shine using Rosy Dawn lip gloss.

Color : Redwood Forest
Darker matte red to create mature look.
Presented 4 different color of lip crayon, which one do you prefer? When i doing this review, i was apply these 4 colors on my lips separately, apply and clean, and then apply another color again, but my lips don't feel dry and chapped.
If you are headache which lip product color is suitable for you, go to Burt's Bees® official website and find your perfect shade.

Retail price list :
Lip crayons       : RM81.50 
Tinted lip balm : RM53.90
Lip shine           : RM65.80
Lip shimmer     : RM43.50
Lip gloss           : RM81.50
Attention please! My dear readers, you can entitle 20% off for Burt's Bees® lips color purchased. Remember this promo code #bbmakeyourlipsmile, when you drop by Burt's Bees store, and tell the promo code to Burt's Bees® Beauty Adviser then you are entitle the discount. This promo is valid until 30th June 2015, hurry up! make your lips smile, set your smile stun with Burt's Bees® lip crayons! 

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