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June 16, 2015

Haraju Cube, heard about this cafe so long, i know it is very popular until people need to queue up for 30-45 minutes to get a table. Read a lot of my blogger friends's review and i wanted to pay a visit but nobody wanna go with me =( I tried Dazzling Cafe at Taipei before, tried a lot of thick toast in Seoul, tried After You at Bangkok also, seriously i found Korean thick toast is the best! Dazzling Cafe's one is too fancy but taste so so, After You's one is taste more to like salted + sweet which i don't like and Haraju Cube's toast taste similar with After You. 
Visited Haraju Cube after my food review at restaurant nearby with my sister, time is about 10pm but since we at the same area so i decided to stay at Haraju Cubes for a while. Too bad that i still need to queue up at that time on weekday, craving dessert mood spoil (sorry i am the inpatient person who dislike to queue up, unless the foods is really delicious) it's better be a good taste! i said in my heart LOL!
Interior color theme is yellow and white, simple furniture and a bit Japanese zakka feel.

There are 9 flavours of Honey Toast and 9 flavours for sliced toast.
Price range of Honey toast is from RM22.90 to RM32.90. 
Hmm....quite pricey! unexpected the price is almost same like Dazzling Cafe Taipei (there are offer luxury interior design and ambiance) 

Knowing their signature drink is homemade quality Harajucube milk (available in 3 flavours:Coffee, Butterscotch and Fruits), me and my sister don't drink milk so both of us ordered hot latte, nothing to shout about.

Cafe latte   RM10
Bana-toffee     RM24.90
It is slightly bigger for single portion, recommend 2 or 3 pax sharing a honey toast. Please be polite when start to eat it, cut 2 edges of toast first and "deng deng deng" like a pandora box, you can't find the jewelry but will find 8 pieces smaller cube shaped toast. LoL! Be quick! don't spend too much time for photo shooting because the cream is melting very fast, and then the toast will not crispy and turn to very very sweet. 
It's not my cup of tea =(
Recommend to you if you love sweet and dessert.
103, Level 1, Empire Damansara, 
Damansara Perdana,47800 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 016-6665973 / 010-2268592

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