[Beauty]Love Nail x Hello Kitty instant nail appliqué polish strips

June 23, 2015

Nowadays, everyone request all task can be done instantly / quickly. I love to do my nails, will DIY when i am free or going to salon for manicure if i was busy, but it might spend few hours for design manicures and sometimes i just... don't have time and it is costly too =( 
I am a cake designer, food colors always on my hand,i can't used to look at my naked nails with dirty color ><! I believed many girls don't know to apply liquid polish perfectly or evenly, think you will feel so frustrated and wanna throw away the nails polish. Some might feel so sad when your beautiful nails color streaks during travel, i am one of them (when i got no time to do my manicure before travel)
Love Nails understand this and dedicated to the girls who live and enjoy everyday at its peak. Love Nails is introducing instant nail appliqué polish strips to the market, made of 100% real polish formula, each strip includes base,color and top coats. Love Nails instant nail appliqué has passed SGS tests, does not contain the four heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium) , it is safe. It is flexible and can contoured to fit any nail size. This is a salon quality manicures and guess what? It can be done in just 10 minutes!!! 
So say goodbye to liquid nail polish, say goodbye to those very frustrated problems (drying time, smudges or streaks), no more worry on blurring color and uneven spreading. We can now applying Love Nails at home anytime or bring it out for travel, it can last up to 14 days.
There are a lot of designs in different collections, i got the cutest Hello Kitty <beach> Manicure stickers! 
20 nail strips in a pack with 10 designs (in 10 sizes) each.

Comes with tools (nail file, double-headed wood stick, zipper bag)
How it works?
< Before use >Stickers bond with nails poorly if nails are dirty or with hand cream.Please remove nail polish before applying stickers. Use the wooden stick to push back cuticles. Clean and buff nails, make sure that your natural nail are clean.
1. Select the nail size strips that best fits your nail
(the nail strip 1mm smaller than your nail is easier to apply)
2. Remove the protection films from top of nail strips and clear film from bottom of nail strips.
3. Hold the silver part and apply to nail. Gently stretch to fit.
4. File off the excess in a downward motion.
All Set!

Please take note! 
  • Avoid using nails within 15-20 minutes after nail strips are applied, in case they peel off more easily.
  • After opening the unused stickers, please keep in zipper bag to prevent drying, store in a cool place.
How to remove it?
Remove it with traditional nail polish remover.
You can now purchase Love Nail collection and Hello Kitty Manicure at all SaSa retail shops in Malaysia.
Love Nail French & Design manicure (available in 5 design)
Price : RM49.90
Love Nail Hello Kitty manicure (available in 5 design)
Price : RM59.90
For more information, kindly visit http://love-nail.com

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