What's so fun at MOBITE( Mobile, IT & Electronic Expo) 2015

May 3, 2015

Happy holiday! Long holiday continuously from Friday to Monday, many peoples planned to travel /roadtrip during this, hey... did you suffering stuck in traffic jam (if you are going by flight) ? People like me who choose to stay back in KL, what's happening in town? 
The first Mobile, IT and Electronic Expo (MOBITE) in Malaysia, organised by Unified Distribution Technology S/B (UDT) will be held from May 1 until May 3,2015 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC), Kuala Lumpur. The expo will showcase more than 80 global brands and 300 booths to making it among the biggest consumer event. 
Question : Do i need to pay for entry? 
Answer : NO! it is FREE!!!
Since GST launched, Malaysians are more thrifty and cautious with the rise in living cost. The expo is urging the visitors to take advantage of MOBITE's "You Shop, We Absorb" GST campaign and other crazy deals.For example, a promotion item indicated RM9.90, consumer will only have to pay RM9.90 nett. That GST 6% will still reflect on the Tax Invoice which is a legally required y the goverment .Nonetheless, the exhibitor has lowered the price go the item.

What is so fun about the MOBITE?
1. Queue up for Hot deals!
KooZaa DotCom, the official eStore partner of MOBITE to brighten up MOBITE with crazy deals.Queue up in front of exhibition hall for attractive hot deals before 11am (so called happy hour) 
Hot deals such as RM9.90 for 8400 mah power bank or Kaspersky Ultimate Protection (for Android smartphones or tablet) ; RM1 for 8gb pen drive; 500gb seagate hard disk at only RM99; Monopod with remote control at RM5; AMD laptop at only RM899 and many more! This is based on first come first served basic while stocks last. * one item per customer per IC number* no greedy please =P 

Like their Facebook page at their booth to spin and win.
KooZaa DotCom also selling Doreamon original merchandise at MOBITE, check out their promotion also.

When you go in to MOBITE, your first sight must be Kaspersky lab and TuneTalk. As a computer user, antivirus is a basic but very important to protect your computer/ laptop away from virus. That was a nightmare when your computer's screen suddenly turn black and blank, all data lost... now even though smartphones also need to do security protection. Kaspersky Lab offers RM9.90 ONLY of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android to help more consumers secure their mobile devices. The brand's flagship consumer products of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security will be available at Buy 1 Get 1 during MOBITE. This is an awesome deal!!! Hey, Go and buy one for you if your computer is not under antivirus protection ok? 
TuneTalk will reward the visitors for making purchases at their booth with entitled for a 6 months FREE data from TuneTalk. FREE data ya! if you are smartphone user, you must know the important of data LoL! 

Attention! you must check out the COURTS booth with super bargains from RM 0.28. Nowadays what can buy with 28 cent? i mean tech gadgets. 
Nothing is impossible and i just grab 16GB Mico SDCard and an ACER laptop bag for only RM 0.28 each
Yuhoo ~~ don't jealous on me because everyone got chance to get it! This promotion is available at their booth from 11am - 12pm, 3pm - 4pm and 8pm - 9pm! You can find incredible notebook prices at COURTS booth, discount up to 40%!

What is the great deals at Tech Titans booth?Oh god, there are selling accessories with lower price. RM25 for cooler pads with 6 fans and laptop case at ONLY RM10

2. Daily auctions
Start from RM1 of tech must-haves such as the latest mobile phones, iPads etc.
3. Quizzes, magic show, product presentations and contest
Stand chance to win VIVO smartphones and walk away with a sure win gift, by minimum purchase RM100 in a single receipt during MOBITE.

Congratulation to the winners.

4. Hottest pop idol FuYing and Sam will make their appearance during MOBITE.
picture credits to Tommy Tong
5. Explore the intelligent gadgets
VIVO the international smartphone brand launched their latest X5 Max with ultra thin outlook and super fast function. Find out more at VIVO booth. 
Tech enthusiasts can take the opportunity to visit AMD Cool Zone that features special Lives Demo throughout the day involving several unique features from AMD.
Meitrack is the most attractive for me, what is that? Track your loved ones no matter is children/ elderly/ couple/ pets or logistics.I know it feeling bad when you heard "track" this word, but seriously it is useful. For children, it can show location especially when away from home for school trips or hiking. For elderly, is it a great gadget for caregivers and special need individuals to keep your loved ones safe. For pets, locate your pet when run off from you.That is really useful to track my pets, strongly recommend this for all pets lover here! 
If you are looking for good looking but functional air-con, please drop by at Acson booth.The new Acson Wall Mounted Signature is technologically advance with PLUSMA technology and yet having extensive human factors. 
With the changeable outlooks, air-con no longer is in plain look but with chic design.
Acson offers a lot of promotion like discount RM300 for any Wall Mounted Signature, FREE Neoflam Aeni set, FREE delivery and installation, FREE changeable skin etc.
6. Foods and Drinks
You can get a free slurpee at the AMD booth. 
You can also find out Sangkaya coconut ice cream which is so famous recently, RM10.50 for 4 scoops and customise topping by yourself. When you tiring shopping and enjoy a cool refreshing ice cream,sound great right? 

Tomorrow is the LAST day of MOBITE, so what are you waiting for? Still staring on my blog huh? OMG, you gotta move it move it! 
For more details, please visit www.MalaysiaITFair.com.my and join www.facebook.com/MalaysiaITFair for daily updates.

Gotta sleep, have a good shopping day tomorrow ok? Oh no, it's 2.22am now!
Night Night~*

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