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May 24, 2015

Kanbe Ramen located at Empire Damansara, owned by a Japanese chef and passionate to bring the Japanese culinary culture from Kobe to Malaysia. Kanbe Ramen is using the authentic custom made soy sauce, which brought in from Kobe, serving you light taste of soy sauce soup, you will feel a bit disappointed if you are expecting heavily pork-flavoured soup ramen. They are recommend to add various topping such as black fungus (RM1) / bean sprout (RM1) / garlic (RM1) / spring onion (RM1) / wanton (RM4) / boiled egg (RM3) / charsiu (RM4) on ramen to make every bite more delicious.
Kanbe Ramen is establish flow in open spaces with contemporary design , slightly different with other Japanese restaurants with partitioned segments.
Let's start with the foodssssss
Charsiu Ramen RM21 
This is their signature and the most popular Ramen. The in-house made ramen noodles is softer than usual, serving with clean mild flavoured soy sauce based soup and topping with not fatty tender char siu. I think this is suitable for on-diet ladies =) but for me, i am prefer thicken taste soup >~<
Spicy Ramen RM21
Spicy Ramen in spicy soup with chicken and pork minced and seasoning with garlic and chives. For those who only can take mild spiciness , you do enjoy this spicy ramen. I am the crazy girl who can take the maximum level spiciness, so it just not too outstanding for me. But if compare with Charsiu Ramen, i am still prefer thicken taste like spicy ramen.
Reimen (Cold Ramen) RM21
Ramen noodles with light and cold sauce. 

Few rice options are available here.
Tenshin Han-Rice RM15
This is their signature, taste so good but guess what? It's steamed rice covered with juicy fried egg, so simple right? what's so special?!! Of course have to topped with their special home made soy taste sauce, so delicious! *must try*

Fried Rice RM12
Kanbe Ramen chef's special fried rice, taste different from ordinary ones. 
Using short-grain Japanese rice (different from long-grain basmati or jasmine rice), this is my favourite rice! Cooked in
variety of ingredients with eggs, charsiu chunks, garlic and spring onions. Taste is good and we finish this in few minutes =P
Pork Rice  RM17
Pan seared pork belly sliced is tender and not dry, seasoning with onions and garlics, glaze with their authentic soy sauce.
Side dishes
Boiled egg RM3
Quite disappointed because Japanese boiled egg is my favourite, i must eat this everyday when travelled in Japan. It's slightly over-cooked, the yolk is not soft and runny
Wantan Soup RM15
I think this is my 1st time to having wantan soup in Japanese restaurant. It is a soup of "Gudakusan" that wanton special has entered full.In addition, filling with fresh vegetable such as green onions, bean sprout, cloud ear specialities and barbecue pork. Similar to Chinese styled dumpling,nothing too outstanding to shout about.
Otsumami Charsiu RM10
This name means "charsiu the appetiser . Kanbe Ramen's charsiu is made of shoulder loin of pork, which is 80% meat and 20% fat only.This is stewed with their original ramen sauce for almost an hour,to make this very soft and melt in mouth.It is served with boiled bean sprouts and spring onions.
Chicken Karaage RM10
Boneless chicken leg meat, marinated in special house blend sauce and spices, crispy and scrumptious. Recommended as appetiser when you drink with beer.
Gyoza RM10
Pan seared gyoza is very popular in Japan, also often served as the popular side dish for ramen. The doughy skins are not too thick,slightly crispy but the taste is not too strong for Malaysian taste buds. Yeah~ Malaysians love stronger taste foods, am i right? LoL!
Overall the foods are not bad, but not to leave a strong impression on me. It wouldn't be much of a gourmet meal, but it would satisfy you with their variety chosen and unique flavoured.

Ramen Kanbe Restaurant
G28, Block Empire Retail, Empire Damansara
No.2, Jalan PJU 8
47820, Petaling Jaya
Tel: +6016-202 5812
Business hours: 11:30a.m. - 10:00p.m.

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