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May 19, 2015

I wash my hair twice a day (if no baking), but my hair will getting greasy and itchy scalp on the 2nd day afternoon. Tried many methods and change a lot of shampoos, yeah...those famous or luxury brand shampoos are still "staying" in my bathroom, i had at least 5-6 different brands shampoo but have yet to meet the right one. Until i tried Tansan wash last year and i love it so much! it can keep my hair from getting greasy and itchiness scalp at least last for 1 month. (my experience)Now, i can't live without Tansan wash LoL!
Last week, i had my Co2 hair and scalp treatment and Soda spa foam at Daisuke Salon De Coiffure where located at 3 Two Square, same row with Starbucks.
Spacious and cozy place to pampering your hair, enjoy your hair spa day.

They have private corner for customer who need privacy too.
What is Co2 hair and scalp treatment? is it related to Tansan wash?
Alright,  this is a revolutionary hair and scalp care treatment imported from Japan, it is popular trend in Japan too! Clean and heal your scalp naturally from within after only a few sessions of application with Tansan Bubble Spa which is utilises Carbon Dioxide (Co2) as the main fundamental ingredient to deep cleanse your hair.Similar to the traditional Japanese "onsen' (hot springs), the Co2 in Tansan Bubble Spa will enhance the blood flow to your scalp, wash away dirt and oil from pores and it naturally binds well with protein and lipids, leaving you feeling refreshed with more softness, luscious , radiant-looking hair. 
WHY choose Co2 treatment?
- To reduce scalp itchiness caused by chemical residue from hair dye and perm treatments.
- Deep cleansing your scalp.
- Eradicates harmful chemical residue, hair dust and sebum from the scalp.
- Optimises the results of hair colouring and perming.
- Results in softer, more lustrous and more voluminous hair.
- Widens blood capillaries to boost and improve blood circulation.
Soda Spa Foam is a fine, rich foam created from Carbon Dioxide. With its outstanding effect, Soda Spa Foam became a boom in Japan and Asian countries, 80% of hair salons in Japan are provided this treatment. What is the outstanding effect?
- Lowering blood pressure
- Improvement of blood flow
- The preventive effect of hand roughness
- Hair restoration facilitatory effect (scalp care)
- About 3 times as much moisturising effect as usual water
- Deodorization effect
- The relaxation effect
- The anti-aging effect
- Elimination of alkali
The best part is..... Soda Spa Foam can use on face and body too! Works best if you wash your hair with Co2 hair scalp treatment before apply Soda Spa Foam. 
The staff was so touching and gave me a blanket to cover my legs because i was wearing short skirt. Started with Co2 hair & scalp treatment, it’s just like a normal hair wash, but sounds like fizzling soda bubble "blu blu blu~~" and feel bubbly "blowing" your scalp.
1st time
2nd time
After Co2 wash, the staff will show you dirty water in a clear glass. Don't feel disgusting because this is the dirt and oil that came out from your head. LoL! Washed my hair twice with Co2 and you can see the muddy water in picture 1, the more oily hair you have and the higher the turbidity water. It is getting clear in my picture 2 after wash again. Of course this is not a magic to show best result instantly but i can feel my scalp very clean and comfortable! It is really good for those who are facing scalp problem, it can help to removing chemical residue and natural substances like sweat and sebum from the scalp and hair, excellent deep cleansing! 
After Co2 hair wash, applied Soda Spa Foam treatment, covered my hair with gas bubbles for 5 minutes ONLY. I feel a little bit fizzling and warm on my scalp, but also can feel relaxing of my scalp. So nice!These 2 simple and fastest treatments can be done over the basin.
Sorry, i forgot to take picture of my hair before the treatment. ><!
But obviously you can see my hair is so shiny and fluffy.
Really so fluffy and looks longer! I didn't bluff you ok.... that day i was non-stop swinging my head LoL... and i like the fragrant of Soda Spa Foam...
Don't be lazy if you found your hair or scalp got problem, go to do treatment before it getting worst ok?
My shinny healthy hair by Co2 hair and scalp treatment & soda spa foam treatment from Daisuke Salon De Coiffure.*p/s: here is the Soda Spa Foam (use on face) review =)
Price list

Soda Spa Foam - Promotion Price RM 100 ONLY (while stocks last)
normal price is RM120

Co2 Hair & Scalp Treatment - RM28 
*add-on to any hair services or wash n blow.
Daisuke Salon de Coiffure 
Unit No. 25-01, Ground Floor, Block C ,Dataran 32, No. 2, Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03-7960 0140 

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