Sitka, a hidden gem in town

November 15, 2014

A half day to pissed me off (traffic superb jam caused me extremely late for cake delivery and event), i decided to chill me up in a very comfortable cafe in another half day.
Raining outside, sit in this restaurant, look at this wallpaper, listen to the jazz, i feel so so comfy and relax. Appreciate it their kitchen haven't close yet while i reached there at 4pm.
~* Sitka Restaurant *~
Located in Damansara Height, hide herself into this busy city , set in the 30 years old shop lots and without big sharp enough signboard, i should said : "without any signboard on top of restaurant" . Yeah~ don't be panic if you think your GPS is doing quite good job and still you can't find Sitka ok? Sitka signboard is standing in front of their restaurant and on top is vintage signboard (name : Super Gym 5). You have to park your car at open parking with quite not reasonable charges, there are construction project going on when i went there and still i need to paid RM4 for this.
Sitka giving a nod to the food scene of Copenhagen, Barcelona and London,combining traditional ingredients with modern techniques, and working with hand-picked local producers and small farms to encourage and support sustainable food practices.
They served breakfast (9-11am) : vegetarian breakfast taco, croissant, brisket hash. 
After 11am : Salad, steamed bao, soft tacos, rolls, fried chicken and pastries. 
Test Kitchen : three nights a week, from Thursday through Saturday. with limited seats, Chefs Christian Recomio and Barry Lindsay serve up ambitious, forward-thinking meals in the Test Kitchen.

Flat White  RM 10
My late brunch , mushroom soft tacos  RM 21
If you are my buddy, you should shout out : " OMG! you take vege?!!!!!"
Yes babe! I don't take vege in my life, i hate it! but not for all, i only eat not more than 4 types of vegetable and i am so lucky to said i eat this~ HaHa! I didn't see any "vegetable" words in their description of this tacos so i ordered this.That is watermelon salad beside tacos. This tacos tasted so good! Don't always go for brunch and order same things like big breakfast/ croissants/ burger/egg benedict etc, sometimes have to goes to special and different one. Don't makes your life so boring =P
fried mushroom ^^
Friend ordered fish soft tacos  RM 21
As usual, camera eat first! hahahaha! Miss camera, yummy huh?
I like the ambiance of these restaurant ( am i always said so?) LoL! sorry i only recommend good one and what i like for you ^^
Food is good, drinks is good, everything is just so GOOD~ 
I hope next time i can try their dinner, but first let me find someone can go with me? =P
Sitka Restaurant
8-5, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2011-1117

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