Dream Trip to Macau

November 14, 2014

Actually i went to Hong Kong every year for shopping, but only went to Macau once because of Venetian Macau opened and my parents wanna go to take a look. =P Too bad that i only went to Venetian Macau and Ruins of St. Paul's.
Appreciate to Nuffnang Malaysia and Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) giving us a chance to win a paid trip to Macau! Hurray!!!! 
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What is that Three Most Amazing Things that makes me want to visit Macau? i can tell you...a lot!
There are only 3 elements always appear in my trip planner which is Eat, Play, Love! Let's start to talk about <Eat> first .

< EAT >
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~ Almond Cookies Macau is my favourite!!!! nowadays they launched a lots of flavour but i still in love with the original one.
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~ Portuguese Egg Tarts ( Pastel de nata )*Most Amazing Things*
As a human being, how can we resists of this superb delicious pastry in Macau?! With the crispy layering puff pastry skin and yummy creamy filling, taste so delicious while it is still warm, that's why we must buy fresh baked and eat at there immediately.
~ Portuguese Dishes 
Yes we don't need to travel so far to Portugal but we can eat at Macau because it is histories and famous.You can eat real very local Portuguese dishes in Macau such as COZIDO (is a traditional stew of different meats and vegetables, with numerous regional variations throughout Portugal) and Bacalhau (i love fish so much especially cod fish!Bacalhau is the dried and salted cod) , MUST try!
~ Macau Pork Bun
Hmm... i don't take pork but this is their famous snack food also / or may be is your main dish? =P quite full when you eat the softer bun with marinated fried pork, it is famous because of they don't put corn flour to fried it. 
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< PLAY > < LOVE > 
When the Portuguese arrived in Macau more than four and a half centuries ago, they brought Catholicism with them and built many churches and some become World Heritage places.
~ Ruins of St.Paul's is a must go place for visitor to take pictures. 
Chapel of St. Francis Xavier with cute and colourful outlooking. (Korean Drama "Love in Palace" did drama shooting before)
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~ Macau Tower *Most Amazing Things* 
All of you must know Bungy Jump off from this tower, but there are also have Mast Climb,SkyJump & Skywalk X ! p/s : Safety is guaranteed by a world-first overhead rail system
~ The Venetian Macau, you can take pictures as much as you can and shop until your bra drop!
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~ The House of Dancing Water *Most Amazing Things* 
You must watch this billion production breathtaking water show!

Already listed out my 3 three most amazing things,so wish my dreams will come true ok? =)


  1. Good writeup.....all the best!!!

  2. Good luck! Hope you're one of the lucky winner.


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