Peripera x Disney Frozen Review Event

November 12, 2014

This cartoon looks so familiar? XD
I am 99% sure all of you know who is she! 1% left to old folks LoL!
Yeah~~ before i start to sing their super famous song to you, i would like to thanks for having me in this Frozen world in weekends afternoon. I am so pissed off when i on my way to this event. The traffic of highway that i must use from my house to KL is super duper terrible! I was stuck in traffic jam for an hour and only move 1km, this is all because of futsal match held at Stadium Bukit Jalil! wtf i don't know at all! first time extremely late to event, miss out all the important information and make up tutorial, haiz.....
I was attending Peripera Disney Frozen cosmetics review event on 1st November at Southgate. Hmm...actually i don't know what is Peripera when i received their invitation (sorry i seldom buy cosmetics) , so i google search it XD

Peripera is a South Korean cosmetics brand owned by CLIO. The brand aims for the total beauty brand with the feminine design and romantic style. Yeah! i know CLIO, i am using their eyes liner and famous in Korea.

 ~* Peripera x Disney Frozen * ~
Peripera has launched a limited edition Peripera Disney Frozen collaboration collection. Inspired by the cute and confident queen Elsa and her cute sister Princess Anna, OMG! this is so awesome for Frozen's fans.*me! me! Love Elsa!* this collection has various products that have been designed to help create the look to be a princess =)

The collection features 2 eye shadow kits with its purple and orange shades,beautiful and soft coloured lip tint, gel liner pencils, compact face powder that is soft and light, cushion pact, high gloss and glittering nail colours and make-up pouches. 
Watery Face Pride Up   RM 89.90

This BB cushion compact makes the snow-white skin like Elsa of the Frozen.Deep ocean water, aloe extract containing: Sebum control, moisturizing. Non-sticky. Long lasting makeup. SPF 50, PA + + + Strong UV protection. 

2 colors available ~ peach beige / milky vanilla
Pride Up!     RM 69.90
With cuteness Olaf looks on packaging and on powder also, this is a compact powder with SPF 25, PA++
same choices colors with watery face pride up ~ peach beige / milky vanilla
Magic Glam Tint ( besides of Pride Up!)      RM 35.90
Beautiful and soft coloured lip tint, 2 colors available ~ shocking pink (Elsa) or orange(Anna).
Nail Story Glam "Frozen"    RM 16.90 
3 glittering nail colours available ~ GWH20 (transparent shimmering) , GPP23 (transparent glittering purple) and GGR21 (transparent glittering blue). 
Wholly Deep Auto Gel Eye Liner      RM 39.90
Stronger proof and very long lasting power, i like it because it's texture is so soft and easy drawing. Auto roll up type and with build in sharperner. Various color choice as you can see from my picture.
Wholly Deep Liner Kit     RM 79.90
Complete Elsa's make up by one kit with 5 colours shades.
Tap Tap Eyes   RM 59.90
Eyes shadow palette.
This is Anna's look. 
White , orange and blonze with glitters. This combination colors is suitable for girls who are like to apply earth color eyes shadow and to achieve their looks more natural.
Elsa eyes shadow palette.
Colours are more attractive with glitter white,pink and purple. Purple color is very easy to match, trust me! it is suitable for dating / weekends outing or achieve a romantic sweet looks.
Easy to blend (on my hand)
Event decoration.
Foods after event.
Make up tutorial model as Anna and Elsa.
 I am standing in middle XD
This make up pouch (Frozen Enamel Elsa Pouch) is RM 35.90
Peripera Malaysia is running a few promotions whereby customers may collect the redemption cards which are available inside the products packaging to redeem special Frozen pouch as well as a Frozen party which will be organized at Neway, One Utama Shopping Centre in December 2014. 
In November 2014, customers who purchased Peripera Disney Frozen cosmetics at Watsons store will also received a special 20% discount vouchers for Frozen The Songs album, redeemable at CD Rama outlets. The voucher is valid until 31 March 2015. 

The Peripera Disney Frozen cosmetic range of products is available at major Watsons store. 
More information on the promotions is available at 

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