Podgy and the Banker

June 17, 2014

Podgy and the Banker , i saw this when i bring Dou Dou and Princess V to the restaurant beside this for dinner. Coffee cafe is not too popular that time so i never think of visit this.
But over the last couple of months, dozens of cafes are popping up. Besides that, Instagram which is very popular apps over the worlds is a bonus searching engine. When you see a nice coffee picture with location tag, you might plan to go there right? 
This cafe is one of the famous in Instagram =P
Fall in love with their large window design to let sunlight in, feel so good !

Piccolo Latte    

My brunch - Scramble eggs on toast     RM 8
Poached eggs on toast     RM 10  
Drinks rating : 3/5
Foods rating  : 3/5
It is definitely not a bad idea as your brunch choice, reasonable prices with comfortable environment, i like it =)

Podgy & The Banker,
2, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8, Kuala Lumpur.
open 8am-3pm

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